• My main problem is that I try not to obsess over it, but then I realize I'm sort of forcing myself, pretending not to care. I've been avoiding dealing with that for some time now. I'll try EFT and see how it goes
  • Congrats! It's so cool you got what you wanted, keep it up!
    • I never used the word 'wanted' while doing this, wanted things never arrive, I had them all the time
    • wow buttercup .... way to go girl .... I know you spoke to me a bit back when you were still having problems and I'm so glad they all cleared up for you. Keep it up girl.
    • Thanks rizne, the way I see it is, YOU are HERE, your desires are over THERE, you need to get over THERE and feel the joy of having your desires, the only thing keeping you from being over there and having what you want is your FEELINGS, so get over THERE  and treat any  resistance with EFT, which is truly fascinating
  • Thank you Shipra for all the help you gave me, you are truly appreciated


  • Have also manifested clearer skin, toned skin, and only realised when in a store today and caught myself in a mirror with strong lighting, I had stopped obsessing about this for over a week but it happened, keep the faith guys, its truly amazing


    Shirpa is so right, Dont keep questioning it

  • Thanks Shipra :)

    I have another question..if i was on medication for my skin must i stop taking it?
  • You're getting quite popular around here Shipra :)
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