Hello, all, I talked to Olu today and he gave me his NAP :) 

I post it here for you guys :) 

He is amazing. Thanks Olu for sharing with us your success :) 

  • the NAP is: you now raise the vibration of growing taller everyday until you reach your height of 6ft 2 inches)" All the beliefs regarding the time it takes in achieving this height are now removed from your SM within the next 6 weeks or less" During this cleanup you feel great 24/7. Your SM does not fight back and accepts all the new changes, you now totally detach yourself from your goal"

  • as you say it, FEEL IT, and after each sentences, leave a 5-10 second gap

  • make sure you really feel what its like to be at yopur goal height as you say it

  • it took me 6 months
    • in first 6weeks i grew 10mm and then grew up each subsequent weeks and months

    • pain was unbearable as well the more you want to grow, the more pain you will feel most pain came at the last month

    • do not check your height too often check one a month max

    • and do not think of it every second of the day..just let the naps do the job

    • by the way i forgot to mention

    • in my second month or so during the time of listening to my naps, i would have dreams pertaining to my goal

    • i believe that was the way of my SM telling me the message had sunk in

    • for example, i had never played basketball, but in one of my dreams, i was a basketball player.

    • in another dream, i saw a man who was over 7ft tall and he touched my leg and immediately i begal to feel intense pain, then i woke up

    • in another dream, i was at my goal height already

    • and etc

    • but i also knew of some who grew and never had a dream about their goal...so its all subjective

  • remember, for a nap to be good it must have 3 components
    • 1 is your goal and desire, 2 is emotions as you record it and 3 is cleaning and detachment nap

    • you are adding the cleaning nap in order to reduce the symptoms that comes along with the change(getting sick,) you are including the detachment nap in order to reduce or eliminate negativity or constant worrying which would of course contradict what you are trying to achieve

    • i knew of a guy who did a nap and did not include cleaning nap and he grew the 2 inches but he was sick every week and had bone damage so its very crucial that you include the 3 components

    • also if you feel no emotions as you record your nap, its meaningless

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  • In reply to Rizne777,

    You are very wise and intelligent.

    100% correct.  Stick to your guns.

  • Olu, did you use Audacity for your Naps?

  • People apparently need me to explain better, it seems.

  • Man you have to read what you post.

  • Already seen em. Rizne changed her eye size and Jahara grew~,I do consider that real proof, and also I've seen the blog of the chinese woman that grew using Qui Gong, I also believe she grew too. Stop calling me a skeptic because I point out cowardice. Thanks!

    • Keep calm man...

    • So just to be clear, stop lumping me in with people that don't think stuff is possible, I know it's possible. I just don't necessarily believe everyone that has nothing but a good story is necessarily telling the truth.

  • There are pics here, look for it. You will see that after it, you also will say " empty pics"

  • What makes you say its not real? lol trollin'

    • Because people like you and Zero ;) lol trollin'

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