• Thank you, and I think so to.
  • Uh... The hair did not turn out something very good in my opinion. But is close. Coloring blonde hair is hard, but I think this one is good enough.


    • Thank you! Yeah, darker hair is what I was hoping for, but that's okay.

      @ Loreann, I htink she's pretty both ways, but I have dark hair and green eyes so...
    • Yeah definetely she is pretty with dark hair too.
      Good luck with your manifestation!!
      Do you visualize to get the changes each day? I have a really hard time maintaining my ideal image of myself in my mind for longer than few minutes
    • Yup. I keep visualizing me in situations that might actually happen, especially over the summer. And I see myself with that face. I also may sometimes be thinking or walking down the street, and I'll act as if that is how I already look. I find that with this image, it's incredibly easy to visualize myself like that. I can go on visualizing for hours, no joke!
    • You're very welcome. Glad it turned out the way you expected.

      I gotta say I'm jealous of your eyes color :D It is what I'm trying to manifest with LOA! But I'll have it soon...
    • Haha, thank you! I'm trying to manifest a new face. I shall have it soon as well :D
    • I think the girl looks prettier with blue eyes and blond hair
    • Yeah, me too. But I couldn't make the hair very well... Never changed blonde hair before! But I like the green eyes better. Love green! :P
    • I think this is what I want to look like. I had an iamge in mind that was pretty close to that. This one might actually be prettier, haha. I want to keep my dark hair and green eyes, so that's why I had you photoshop it. I can show you the shade of my hair, if you want, not that that does anything.
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