Physical Appearance change and every day problems?

So, I’ve been wanting to change my appearance for a while, however, a few things have been popping into my head. I’m wondering if there has been anyone out there who has had issues with their IDs because of the fact that they’ve changed their appearance?

I’ve been thinking about it and I feel more resistant about my desire to change my appearance because of a whole bunch of things: people not being able to recognize me, and getting in trouble with identification just to name two. I’ve wanted to change my appearance for a long while, and I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of how to do it, and sure its possible to talk yourself out of your desires, but it’s not exactly possible to stop wanting what you want. What you want has to be expressed so I know for a fact my appearance is going to change, but now I’m wondering how to deal with the “negative consequences” of that. I personally don’t care if nobody can recognize me, since I’m interested in completely starting my life over and moving somewhere where nobody knows me, but I’m more interested in how on Earth i’m going to get my IDs updated without any trouble?

In the eyes of people who don’t think it’s possible, you don’t “just change.” I’ve been trying to document my changes as a way of having proof, and I’m just wondering how to get around this aspect of physical change.

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  • I don't think you need to worry about this. Whether its due to growing up, getting older, or other reasons, a persons appearance changes over time. That's just reality.
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