physically/genetically disowning and adopting

Hi everyone,An idea struck me today...If we can manifest anything we want, then altering our family relations must be possible. I know that this topic of disowning a family member is pretty strange since this is usually tied with negativity. But disowning or severing a genetic connection to an abusive family member should be doable if we have control over our own body/DNA/genetic makeup, right? If someone can change their blood type via their subconscious beliefs, then changing the inherited genes or haplogroups which relate us to someone we dislike shouldn't be impossible, I think,An adopted person should be able to 'readjust' their given genes, so to speak, in order to fit in or even gain some genetic relation to the family who adopted them via reprogramming of their beliefs. I think it would be very sweet.I am new to this phenomenon and will be learning more about it in this group.

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  • lol i studied biochemistry , chemistry bio you name it...we do understand genetics and DNA trust me :)))))))))))

  • This is very interesting. I came here to do the same question but decided to look for it first. Last year I discovered that my grandparents are not my biological grandparents and that my biological grandmother could had some hereditary diseases... I wish I could change this genes to avoid this diseases but also (daydreaming a little bit) create a "new past" to me. If you have more information about it I would like to read more ^^

  • I personally don't believe in this genetic BS. The genetic idea is just the way science is trying to prove the evolution and disprove God. Scientist does not understand DNA at all. For all those years they couldn't used it for even one good thing. They "cloned" a sheep and told us it's an exact copy like we can compare them. The sheep died after few days of many illnesses. The other thing is GMO, where they bombard seeds with radiation until they mutate as they like, all trail and error. I think it's not reasonable for us to believe in something so destructive and unproven as genetics.

  • Crazy how I made this post 5 months ago! How time flies. Anyway, has anyone else seen the page about "dimensionaljumping" on reddit? Here is a link:

    Several techniques have been listed to change your reality, it's worth a look. I've been seriously wondering if I can sever some of my genetic relations, but this dimensional jumping thread says we can 'jump' (metaphorically) into a more desirable reality, in my case: A happy, close family where Everyone has a strong sense of belonging.

    However some warnings are given that if you aren't specific enough with what you want, you could potentially jump into a reality where your pet cat is actually a dog, your friends have different personalities, etc. Because even the slightest change in your reality impacts everything in the universe.
    Dimensional Jumping Read-Only Archive
  • haha! I just noticed that was francia raisa, I was obsessed with looking like her, i have tons ... tons.. of photos of her. (she's perfection to me) I managed to successfully get to the feeling place of looking like her; I watched videos of her and mimicked her voice and body language (because for me, that was a way for me to feel like I had my desired appearance already) and I FELT I had accomplished my goal so much to the point where I didn't care what I saw in the mirror, but for whatever reason I let the feeling slip away.

    But ever since I had my daughter I feel I relate more to nini smalls. I still love francia's appearance but I'm kinda stuck on Estefani now, :)


    • Francia is very beautiful <3

    • indeed she is :)

    • I love Francia! Im not sure if I want to look like her though. I haven't really decided who I want to look like yet. I think Im just going to take what I like from multiple people and just do it that way. 

  • Another Francia

  • Same here, I would like to change my ethnicity to Hispanic
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