• 7297514657?profile=originalI want to look like my Celebrity look-a-like Amerie! AND IM ALMOST THEEEEEEERE!

  • I want to look like myself but:

    - Without a permatan (I have really uneven skin tones everywhere)

    - Fuller, thicker, longer eyelashes and eyebrows

    - Perfectly clear skin

    - Thinner (still working at it!)

    - No body or facial hair (I'm a lady lol)

    - Softer, shinier, and less frizzier head hair

    - Whiter teeth

    - Fuller lips

    - Better facial positioning, with results in a nicer jawline and model-like cheekbones

    You all wanna know something? The vitamin MSM can help me with all of this except for the last one, which I'm hoping a type of therapy and LOA can assist in making it happen. Here's to making miracles happen! :-)

  • 3217234157_1_14_SUatZyQb.jpg

    I don't want to look exactly like her, I just want her jaw, nose, and skin tone.

  • I think this combination of muscle and curves, is just beautiful!
  • How tall is this girl? Or is the guy just very short?

    • She is 218cm tall

  • Lori Harder,

    I don't necessarily want to look like her (even though she's very pretty), but I want to get my body in this kind of shape.



    But i should go for surgery. After all it seems like i cant do it.
  • i like her too ^_^

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