Problems letting go

So I have a lot of negative blocks, and I've identified most of them. I know, that to manifest what I want, I need to release these blocks. Nothing I've tried is working- Sedona, EFT, PEP, meditation, subliminals, etc.

It's not a consistency issue, I've been doing them each every day for 6 months+, but I haven't managed to get rid of even a single block. 

Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm scared that I'll be unhappy for the rest of my life (which, ironically, is one of the blocks I've tried to get rid of).

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  • I'm currently working on the same thing. Make sure you're truly getting to the root of issues. Sometimes it's simpler than you'd think. Ex: admitting you're scared of something. Fear is the root of many things you wouldn't even expect because your subconscious hides it so well.
    Other areas might not seem like an issue until you stop to ponder long enough to make the connections needed to recognize the issue.
  • So that is basically the theory behind the "wouldn't it be nice if..." game? where you just think about how nice it would be if things were already the way you want, and just work your way up to feeling those feelings? and then, eventually, those "if..." circumstances will show up?

    that makes sense. i like this "wouldn't it be nice if" game a lot better than natalie's visualization, but i did not realize that would translate to it being a better method for me as in individual...

  • Absolutely agreed, one of the best things I have read for ages and I too copy/pasted so that I may refer to daily.
    Many thanks for taking the time to post your understanding here, maybe you could talk some more about any other area to inspire us, it would be much appreciated.
  • This is very strong advice and I even copied and pasted that into my little document I keep with tips. You are so right and I find myself even sometimes visualizing for results. What you said here is important for everyone trying to manifest anything. 

  • Are you monitoring your thought stream yet? If not its is the thoughts that run through you head all day long for the most part. Once you do remember you are your awareness of the thoughts and not the thoughts themselves.  Just because a thought goes through your head doesn't make it true or false, good or bad.  It the emotion and belief that you attribute the thoughts that create, change and reinforce beliefs.

  • No.

    Everyone's journey is personal to them. Only you know where you are. No one else can guide you out of where you are now, and into a better place, because it is its own unique territory, with its own unique trails, mountains, trees...nobody else can experience where you are now, has been just where you are, in your own life experience. You have to be the one to figure out how you get yourself through this.

    Our experiences/methods are not going to be the same. I don't know where you are, vibrationally, and what you need.

    I am slowly exiting this dark tunnel...this one that you are currently in the middle of it seems.

    I am realizing that the results are not important, and the more you can de-emphasis them, the easier it is.

    You do not visualize for the purpose of getting something in return.

    You do not visualize for the purpose of getting something in return.

    You do not visualize for the purpose of getting something in return.

    That is such an important concept.

    Every time you think a thought, the point is that it is suppose to make you feel better.

    The purpose of visualizing is to create the feeling of excitement, joy, self-love, confidence, sexiness....that is the energy you need to feel, and visualizing is merely a tool to get you there.

    If you visualize, and it makes you feel disgust, anger, doubt, resentment, disbelief......then every time you visualize, you are only practicing this vibration.

    It is how you feel that is important...not what you do.

    As long as you are preoccupied with getting results, you can never visualize is a way that is truly pleasing. You will always be more doubtful and stressed about "what if it doesn't's not here yet....I'm lying...I am so upset that it keeps not being here....every time I go to check it's not there yet and that makes me upset and doubtful and resentful..." That's the need to abandoned wanting to see results so you don't get stuck in it.....abandon wanting results so there is no possibility of "losing".

    When you visualize with the intent to manifest, there is a possibility of "losing" and that weighs are your mind. But when you visualize just because it genuinely makes you feel good, that is winning in an of itself.

    This is all the advice I would give to myself.

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