I found this amazing video of this lovely young lady who used subliminals to change her eye color! I thought I'd share it with you all as encouragement :-) 


[EDIT MAY 2, 2016]

I'm just going to dedicate this post to "proof" I find on physical appearance changes without the use of means on our physical manmade plane, (for ex. using subliminals, biokinesis,etc) since a lot of people here seem to hold a lot of doubt or resistance. I hope this will encourage people to keep going and spread hope & good vibes!! :-) 

Feel free to respond with more "proof"s that I can add here! 

EYE COLOR: I found yet another video on eye color transformation! This person went from black eyes to a green tinted light brown!!:


EYE COLOR: This persons eye changed from a milk chocolatey color to something with a more green/blue outline & a lighter yellowish inner:


[Edit May 5, 2016]

HEIGHT: man lengthen's another man's legs in mere seconds on the spot! shared by:  Jonathan :


[Edit May 13,2016]

EYE COLOR:  Person changes eye color from brown to blue! shared by: Alaa Malik : https://youtu.be/ZbQgSrrlJr0 

[Edit Jul 12, 2016]
EYE COLOR: Person changes eye color from hazel to green using quadible integrity subliminal messages
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pU6lAL-8UM + more videos on their channel

EYE COLOR: Person changes eye color from brown to green using quadible integrity subliminal messages


Additionally, I'm going to recommend this post I created a while back on BREAST ENLARGEMENT I link an article, but there is definitely a success story in there too. CLICK HERE

[Edit Jul 14, 2016]

EYE COLOR: Person changes eye color from dark brown to a very light hazel in 1 month. Shared by David Scott 


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  • I have been using quadible integrity green eyes video for a month now and I can clearly see a difference.Earlier my eyes were dark brown and my pupil was not at all visible. They have definitely become lighter. :)

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