I've never tried it. But it seems pretty cool.


The program is from Wendy Down and she has another website called ConsciousnessPlayground.com

The program is $297 or you can pay $87 every two weeks starting from the sign up date. 

100 days may seem like a long time, but it's only a little over 3 months. 

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  • no way, how about you buy it and tell us how it goes.

  • The E squared book is amazing. You do 9 experiments to see that the universe has your back and that you can get whatever you want.. its by Pam Grout and I think she has another one coming out this year... I loveeeee her work and I recommend that you read her books and check out her blog https://pamgrout.com/
    Pam Grout
    #1 New York Times best-selling author
  • I had been in contact with Wendy when she first shared that she will ve making a program like this and visited that doctor who changes appearance immediately, the one whi wrote Manifesting Michaelangeli. Anyway, This was suppose to be free because she said it would be but I can understand the price because I am sure it took her time and effort. I would spend it but I am confident that I can do the same myself. However, I am going to buy the $2 book on Amazon that she recommended to build faith and belief called E-Squared.
  • Wendy Down is not a scam. The problem is, she does not take the subject seriously.

  • Agreed. Joseph Pierce Farrell is the real deal, and her association with him does lend her some credibility.

    However, I personally wouldn't buy the program because, truth be told, there really isn't much mechanics involved in using consciousness and belief to change physical appearance.

    Simply put, all it takes is reaching the state of belief/faith (which naturally includes feeling the feeling of the result you desire) coupled with self-love, which is most effective when drawn from God, at least in my own case.

    However you want to exercise it, be it affirmations, visualization, gratitude and the like to bring you to said state is entirely up to you.

    The hard part is allowing yourself to believe it's truly possible. For me, what helped mainly was Jesus' words about belief (honestly, LOA originated with him. he basically said multiple times in different ways that you can have ANYTHING you believe, no qualifications) and the discoveries of Quantum Physics, including the ones that say matter is an illusion and the expectation of consciousness determines what form it takes at the subatomic level. There are many other resources like success stories, Joseph Pierce Farrell, Bruce Lipton and whatnot but these are the two main ones.

    Because I'm a Christian and I take Jesus' words seriously and because I know Quantum Physics is up there with Relativity as one of the most proven sciences around, I was able to bring myself to believe it's possible.

    Using the above method, I have changed the shape (sharper and slimmer) and increased the height of my nose in just a week. I'm Chinese and although I have a fairly sharp nose for a Chinese, I wanted the higher noses that Caucasians have, and I got it. I also managed to change my voice pitch from tenor to a deep, resonant bass.

    It might be hard to believe that it happened so quickly, but as Jesus said, according to your faith, let it be done to you. If you believe it will take months to happen, it will; if you believe it takes only a week, then it will; if, however, you believe it can happen on the spot, it also will.

    I've posted the below video before but I'll do it again to encourage you guys. It just goes to show how much power our consciousness has over matter when we believe.

    Legs lengthen and shorten multiple times a number of inches on the spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o_YuLoB-oI

    • "there really isn't much mechanics involved in using consciousness and belief to change physical appearance."

      i like that 

  • this is true.. its some weird psych phenomenon

  • well said, I've taken many economic classss to know this is true.
  • Wendy Down... no.

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