Question about hair?

I made another post about enhancing the way my hair looks. However, I didn't realize that I failed at properly taking care of my hair until now. It's completely damaged, I have tons of split ends, and it's very stiff. Now I may have to cut two inches or more of it. Has anyone healed their hair using LOA? It took forever for my hair to get to this length and I don't want to cut it so does anyone know how I can make my hair healthy again? Thanks and much love!

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  • I had a hard time finding out how to use baking soda etc. Do you have links? I cant do anything too expensive and id never found helpful websites.
    • I would say, just mix it with water and wash the hair with it gently. My friend washes her hair with just water, quite often now. She was terrified of "greasy hair" when I told her about not shampooing. Now she just washes with lemon juice/water, vinegar/water/ baking soda/water, once in a while just for a boost of extra cleanliness. And she actually came up to me to have me smell her hair when she had just been washing it with water, just to make sure. Whenever I first tell people about this, they try to convice me that they must detergent the life out of their hair everyday. We gotta have a little oil in the skin and hair, though. And when the hair is treated right, gently, with love and intention, suddenly amazing things happen and there is balance. By the way, baking soda is actually a powerful cleaner, so it is not for everyday use. And as you may know from elementary school, if mixed with lemon/ vineagar, it makes a volcano effect and can unclog drains. So do not mix baking soda with lemon/vinegar for the hair (I think it might be too stripping). Use just one thing at a time with water. Vinegar ( I recommend good apple cider vinegar), will not make your hair smell weird. Just rinse it well after using it like once a month and enjoy your thicker, fabulous, naturally clean hair. About washing with conditioner, I wash my hair about once or twice a week with good conditioner, unless I am working out. I even put stuff in there like deep conditioner, oils, mayonaise... I have even made sure to make sure it smells fine, as I get huggy with my loved ones. Hahahaha. Asking the hard questions, to the people with whom we share care!
    • Thank you for answer. I realize I mentioned natural shampoos before. While they work, and if believe it they will, they are pricey and im too picky with type. Also when loa things and work I kno it feels like your on top of world. But truth is I need to give myself more tlc.
  • I learned about not shampooing. People love bubbles, suds and sulfate, you know. But, hair could live without it. Well, I and several others I know, have quit shampooing. Good for the environment and good for hair. Shampoo is basically fancy detergent. We haven't shmapooed in months and it is awesome. Our hair is stronger, clean, looks better, is bountiful. I learned about alternatives like cleansing with conditioner, vinegar, baking soda. It made sense because I have looked at old pictures or see people in exotic places where there is no shampoo and wondered how they had such thick, healthy hair. Hair affirmations are a great idea, too. I am working on something else, but hair affirmations- just accepting that I already have awesome hair, is on the list! Good luck.
  • Your hair is new, your hair is silky, your hair is smooth and very healthy. Before you cut your hair, know that your hair is what you make it to be. With your thoughts, with your sight and all of your senses. However, your five physical senses are only very basic. You have your soul that can feel, your spirit, your MIND, your body. Together they all create what you see yourself as and even feel yourself as. It has to go deep (your belief that your hair is Pantene healthy -- I love those commercials and you can use that as  model for that you want your hair to look like) Gather pictures, make collages, but don't stare at the pictures wishing. It has to be "YES I have this hair!". Start with a single thought, then move onto another, a more highly advanced and deeper thought. Then feel it, touch your hair gently, love your hair (I don't just mean take care of it, I mean love it.Fall in love with your hair, make sure your hair feels that love, that depth.. it's almost like you are communicating with your hair by loving it. It will be able to react more substantially when you love it like that.. this is also a part about loving yourself completely, which helps unmeasurably), feel the stands of your hair repair them selves, feel it with your mind, let it reach your soul, you have become it, your hair is Pantene soft, smooth and silky! You know it! You feel it! You have it! Let it get that deep.. and even more exciting. Shout it out to yourself..! You have healthy long hair! Go for it!

  • I got told I should get the ends cut a few millimeters every 3 months or so that way they split ends don´t "go up" your hair. I also wash just twice a week and brush wet once only after washing as well ( thats very hair type related though I have dry curly hair and I look like i just got an electric shock if I brush it dry). coconut oil mask once a week before washing is great too. my hair is quite long and now 4 months or so after cutting it I have barely any split ends and I´ll get it cut those few millimeters next week. so it works for me even though my hair is rather dry.

    plain LOA advice : cut it and then visualize it growing back really really fast . personally I´d find it easier to imagine the growth that the split ends getting back together. It´s both possible just work with the option that is easier for you to believe in the results are the same.

  • I think I had a similar thing. For the heck of it I grew my hair. Two inches to classic length I had to cut it. I havnt been eating healthy. And I worried. I want mine longer again too. Id say bite the bullet and cut a few inches ( tho if want keep hair past shoulders you should. I do that too.) Then take care of hair like its longer than it is. First of all it will be easy to believe its longer. Second, at the minimum ittle be healthy and thicker. Id recomend google to find your own routine but this is my paraphrased one: eat protein or even power bars and vitamins with biotin work. Stock pile that stuff. In shower comb hair when still have conditioner in it. Never brush wet hair. Maybe use boarbristle as daily brush. In emergency comb dont brush it. Use organic shampoo or conditioner or just things without all the chemicals. Google will tell you the really bad ones. Now if you can aford more nicer hair things it only helps. I probably do very minimal. Another note is that the healthier shampoos dont suds as much. Also the comb I mentioned is large toothed. Also dont over wash hair. I can do everyother day or skip two rarely. Also somedays I dont brush hair. If u skip a day of hair brushing though, you may shed more hair next brush but thats not bad becuz it would have come out anyway. Im sorry this is so long
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