Re-create your body using your inner power

Hello darlings. At least, the ebook "Re-create your body" is done. You can pre=order the ebook here: 

Pre-order Re-create your body using your inner power

Is almost free! Only 0.99 $ until 10 august. I make this because I wish to reach hundred of people around the world. Is priceless! Adir, my twin flame who is from Pleiades, helped me so much to understand life and understand me better. You can find out about your body and step by step how to re-create it. 

The ebook have exercises, tehniques, meditations, statements. 

I wish this ebook will change your life and your perspective about your body. Is a gift we receive from life. 

This ebook is unique in the world and with your help, in a short time maybe we will see this in bookstores, in paperback or softcover. 

I wish that! From the bottom of my heart! 

But I need to get at least 100.000 sales. 

Thank you very much! 

P.S. I let you here the cover and a short excerpt. 

Love you all! 6254016882?profile=originalRCYB-v01-pg%207-27front.pdf

RCYB-v01-pg 7-27front.pdf


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  • How can you reshape your face in other words your nose ,eyes,mouth,head ,jaw, chin ,cheeks ? 

    How can you get certain measurements of face , bones, body, muscles etc. so you can have the perfect golden ration beauty?

    A golden ratio such as here

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • How can we change our posture, body language, and facial expressions?

  • Hi dears! How are you? I haven't post nothing for so much time :( i'm very sorry. Now I will rewrite the book and I will give some new informations about the power of re-create the physical body. If you have some questions, please bring it here :) Thank you! :*

  • yes, I think its good idea. think about selling at amazon - people will easy find it. if you have money you can print it by yourself, without publisher.
    when the ebook about abundance will be ready?
  • Darlings, I want to send this manuscript to a foreign publisher and to become a real book, I mean softcover or paperback. I have a question. Do you think I have chances to print it worldwide? Now I write a new book with Adir, about abundance, named "The magic touch of abundance", I have in plan another about relationship, named "The real essence in love relationships", another about our inner beauty named "The inner beauty of your being", another about perception of life, named "How do you see the reality, it influence your life" and a new unique book about pregnant womans, a guide emotional and mental guide about that, named "Yet unborn child's education". But I need money for all the translations. So, I was thinking that if this book will be bestseller I could go on. What is your opinion? Thank you very much! 

  • that would be fantastic Ioana... i got an ebook and still read it but I love it! :-)
    please, when you start a blog let us know the address
  • Yes, I will make a blog with some articles I write in my language but tranlated to english. When I will do that, I will have a newsletter with a free ebook with advices, prayers and tehniques. Thank you very much for your interes! 

  • Ioana is there newsletter or any chance to be newsletter with Adir, maybe he could answear a question from people who read the ebook? It would be fantastic to read motivational letter from both of you :-) not only about body, but about other aspects of life :-)
  • Hi dears. I want to ask you something. If you have read the ebook, please give it the rate here:

    And those who have buy it from Amazon, please rate it there. 

    Thank you very much! :* 

    Re-create your body using your inner power
    How much is it worth to you having a personal trainer to help you look the way you want? What if I told you that you can transform any pa...
  • Thank u Madam

This reply was deleted.