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No technique will work without belief. No ones success story will give you belief,because your mind will always tell you that it's probably not possible for YOU.You must get off of this website and stop asking other people for advice after a certain point and stick with something.It is possible for you to get what you want,if that's something you decided to experience before incarnating,and even if it's not you can still have it,you'll simply have to do it without the support of your "Higher/Faster vibrational" self.But the key isn't fooling yourself,it's taking action. If you feel like shit every time you visualize,you aren't letting go,not everyone is supposed to let go,find a better approach and simply eliminate the blocks,don't think pretending they don't exist will work.Also an insider hint: if you want to change your body in any extra way,get it to perfect health first. Your cells don't care about your nose or eye shape if you've got things wrong that are negatively effecting them.Good luck.

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  • A simple trick would be to start believing in miracles. Miracles imply that something extraordinary has happened and is so unexpected. Most people actually do manifest what they want using Law of Attraction but we are either too stubborn to see it or we're not specific enough and wind up manifesting what we asked for and it goes straight over our head because we assumed we were manifesting something else. Miracles can help plug that gap.

    Think of all those people that believe in miracles and have received some wondrous things in life. Now consider the skeptics that receive nothing. Believing in something bigger than yourself can help a great deal. It doesn't have to be a God but just trust that something is working for your higher good. 

    I've just started using 2 miracle afformations and whereas they may not seem big to anyone else I've been on a redhot losing streak recently and having only started with these afformations yesterday (1 of which I only wrote this morning) I have won £20 on a scratch card and £27.50 betting on a football game with odds of 11/2. To make it more miraculous for me the keeper was absolutely unstoppable and I don't think a brick wall could have done any better. After their manager made his final substitution I said to myself "Right, I hope one of their players picks up an injury". I was hoping for something minor (like a slight knock), however, moments after one of their players got knocked unconscious and they had to play the last 10 minutes with a man less. I hope he's alright.

    Anyway the afformations are:

    What is my favourite miracle I've witnessed today?

    Imagine what it might feel like to experience a miracle today.

    Actually, the latter is an affirmation. I thought it was an afformation, sorry. Can't be bothered correcting it, though. 

    The afformation is on my wall and the affirmation is on my door.

  • Thanks for the insider tip (: I'm going to download some health hypnosis programs now... 

  • i love this topic!! that's true "everything is relative"!! thankss

  • There are literally a thousand different approaches, find one that appeals to you. What works for someone else may not work for you, and what doesn't work for them may be the perfect angle for you.

    Experiment a bit, but be consistent with whatever you choose. Don't try something new every week, ending up disappointed when you don't get instant results. And above all stop asking and start doing your own research! 

  • "No ones success story will give you belief,because your mind will always tell you that it's probably not possible for YOU."

    • Oh sorry, I though you had had success.

    • External validation does nothing for someone without the right belief systems. I could be a millionaire and noone would believe it was anything more than luck, CREATE YOUR OWN EVIDENCE.

    • Did you create your own evidence??

    • No other evidence matters.

    • You did not answer the question. Did you get your own evidence??

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