Rearranging Your Physical Structure From Within

This post is from Bashar, I find it very helpful and inspiring.

"Bashar: You can begin with the understanding of the following issue - and even some of your own medical practitioners are now beginning to realize the following idea - every single thought you have, literally, physically, re-organizes the neurological pathways in your physical brain. Every moment of time you do not have the same brain - literally physically.

There are neurological pathways right now in your brain that were not there a minute ago; and some that were there a minute ago - are no longer there. And I do not just mean that some of them are closing and opening and they were there to begin with. New paths are actually created; old paths are actually dissolved, absorbed back into the mass of the physiological brain. Some of your scientists are beginning to realize this now - that with every thought you have - you already literally change the physical structure of your brain.

Now your physical brain is responsible for, shall we say, monitoring the physiological structure of your body. The only thing that would create there to be a seeming block between your understanding that your thoughts alter physical reality would be if you have been taught to buy into a definition that says somehow the alteration of your physical structure is more difficult than simply having a new thought and allowing your physical body to take that form. This is what many of you have been taught, that physical reality is fixed and that your thoughts are simply ethereal ideas that do not really have a great effect upon physical material.

But you are beginning to realize just the opposite. In fact, you are beginning to realize that physical material absolutely has no structure without the definitions of your thoughts. So one thing that may be able to begin to assist you is to really, as you say, get a handle on the idea that you are changing physically every moment anyway - literally physically, every single moment. Once you can allow that to inspire you, perhaps you can then redirect the idea of that physical change exactly where you want it to be.

But do understand this, it isn't always just a matter of having the thought and, quote/unquote, just letting your body change. Many times if you simply have the imagination, have the picture of the way you desire your body to be, you can see it in the way you want it to be. Because, you are so immersed in physical reality, and the habitual rituals that have gone with it, many times what it will take to truly initiate, ignite that vision to allow your body to change more easily, and will act in ways that are representative of the change.

Allow a physical action to lock into your body habit, your body pattern, with the idea that you are in fact more truly the vision you desire to be than the physical reality vision you have been that you no longer prefer. So many times opportunities will come into your life that will give you a chance to act as if, to act in the direction of the change; to exhibit a trait that is representative of the change you say you prefer.

To the best of your ability, when those opportunities happen, act in that direction as if you were already changed. And that is what starts retraining, reprogramming your body consciousness to begin to take its cues from a mind that thinks of itself as whole, rather than a mind that has been trained in habitual rituals to think of itself as somehow unstructured, or unaligned. You are retraining yourself in that way.

So use that imagination to really see the you, you prefer to be. Allow circumstances to be attracted into your physical life by that particular beacon you will set up in your imagination; and whatever the opportunities are that come with excitement that your imagination has drawn, act on them physically to the best of your ability.

And you will step by step retrain your body to align to a new idea, a new definition, a new template of yourself - the template you really prefer to be. So have a clear vision of what you really want; know that that is you; it is you! And then allow yourself to blend into it by starting to act like the you, you see in your mind's eye.


Question: If there are things that I know are stopping that, should I just avoid them?

Bashar: No-no, no-no-no! If you believe there are things that stop you from doing that, then dive into them. Find out what beliefs you would have to contain in order to attract those things that would seem to stop you; for there are no real blocks. What you call in your society "blocks" are actually packets of information about yourself that you need to discover, that you need to explore and open up. And then in discovering those things, to integrate that knowledge and that idea within you; to absorb it, to become more than you are now in a sense.

So if you feel that there is something stopping you, then examine the fear, examine the so-called block. Find out what kind of definitions you would have to contain in order to attract into your life the ideas that would seem to stop you. That's what they're there to show you - they are mirrors, mirrors of ideas you believe yourself to be most strongly. Understand?

Allow yourself to feel that sensation as often as you can. In other words, get excited about the idea of the changes you say you prefer to make. Feel it in your physical being, in your physical body. Feel that rush of energy, let it spread throughout your entire body by what you call on your planet the goose bump effect. Let it spread through your entire body.

Become inspired - become excited. When you allow that energy to spread, you are literally - literally! - changing the cellular structure of your body throughout - from within. You are elevating your energy, accelerating your energy upward. That's what that sensation is; you are taking yourself to another level, you're operating on higher energy.

So when you see things you desire, let yourself get inspired, let yourself get excited. Feel that in your solar plexus, the chakra of intention. Feel it. Feel the conviction; let it spread. And then know that when you feel that energy, when you feel that sensation, you are not at the same energy level you used to be. You have completely changed yourself; you are a completely different person operating on a completely different level, who now has more access to more energy to create more change. Understand?

Bashar: By the way, these ideas are not simply philosophical issues. We are talking physics, we are talking mechanics, we are talking about the allowance of physiological change, as you understand it."

Happy manifesting! :)

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  • This is very informative, thank you very much.

  • THIS kind of stuff is so great! :D  Does anyone know of any other Bashar quotes or quotes from anyone or anywhere else like this?  The fact that anyone can change at any time in any way they like without having to have "ideal conditions" is so reassuring ^=^  It should be normal and natural and the key should only be to expect it or to already feel like you have it even if you feel extremely bad or just neutral or extremely good, it should come anyway because you want and expect it ^=^

  • Thank so much. Even though some of the words I could hardly understand but I still got that jist of it all. The way bashar put it made so much simpler. We over think things which make it harder than it look. When it can be so simple and manefest so fast. Having fun with this is the best way.
  • Great post Alice!

  • I'm glad you like it guys! Remember, "consciousness is not in your body; your body is in your consciousness.".


  • Thank you! I love it :)

  • I love Bashar.

    Thank you Alice

  • This was very informative. Thank you,

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