Removing heart wall / emotional & energetic blocks

I've recently begun this healing technique called the body code (link below) and it uses the subconscious mind to identify and release stuck past negative emotions. I've been having a hard time manifesting my goals in my appearance, I feel because I have these energetic blocks. I'm wondering if now that I'm doing this healing / release (it takes multiple visits, I just had my first) if now there will be more of a direct path to manifestation. Does anyone have any experience in things like this? claim to have dramatic responses to this. Physical ailments clearing up after a single session, a once lonely woman now has a phone ringing off the hook with suitors, an unhappy relationship finally mends and leads to engagement. I would think this would work the same with physical body manifestations as well, right?I also know I shouldn't put such a strong sought after result in to this healing. And I'm trying not to, it's just very exciting thinking that these blocks could be what has been keeping me from my manifestations. I first and for mostly am doing it for my emotional well being because I was/ am going through a difficult time.

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  • For a dire situation, It's not good anyways because you must go through individual things one by one to get to the root of whatever your issue is, it's not a fast process. As I said, I don't recommend it, and really we don't need external people doing things on our behalf, it's still you, really. You're just paying for the illusion that someone else can help you.

  • Zero the infinite , but for a somewhat dire situation maybe it's a good tool? Like being in such deep depression that maybe the violet flame might be too much? Like maybe this is a great tool just to get stable again?
  • The way the body code/emotion code works is removal of energetic material, like removing a mass of cells in the body before it can become a tumor. If you think of your energetic body as a REAL thing, which it is, just imagine that that process naturally removes some of the 'non-malignant' substance as well. Haven't you noticed after a session there's a 'processing time', this is the same as needing to recover after an injury.  My point is, while you are removing blocks, the roughness of the process is also causing you to have tiny bits of soul material removed too,which WILL need to be purified and reintegrated at some point.

    The optimal way to deal with 'blocks' is dissolving them with your intention, or burning them up with the Violet flame,then sending the energy into the earth or sun/Grand portal to be re-purposed. There's lots of tools/methods available that aren't as rough and won't be potentially creating holes in your aura where things WILL attach, as this method doesn't offer any form of protection, nor are you filling the holes with anything. 

  • Yes.. What do you mean zero the infinite?
  • Still learning. Why would releasing stuck negative emotions fragment one's soul?
  • Had it done, quite a few sessions. I never really noticed much of a difference, except physically it seemed to help since you're working on healing with the etheric body, this is a definitely way to fragment your soul though, which will then need to be undone later. Wouldn't reccomend.

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