Resolve more important issues first


I try to regrow my hair with LoA/Visualization/Cell Talking. 

I often hear that when you don't have success, that maybe you have other issues to clear first. They could be deep inside you and you are not aware of them (subconsciousness).

I understand, that you have to accept yourself and be in peace. Beauty comes from inside. 

But... What is the solution for this? If there are issues deep inside me which are blocking my physical changing... how can I clear them if I don't remember them? We all here are trying to change our physical appearance.. but our appearance is something that isn't important for "surviving". (I'm 24 years old and I know how important the physical look nowadays is! But to be honest.. we all can life just as we are. We want changes to make us happier when we look in the mirror.)

I think changes happen in this order:

1. Subconsciousness

2. Health

3. Physical appearance

We (or at least I) are starting at level 3. Even if we have problem at level 1 or 2 which are more important and needed to be cleared first.

What do you think about? What if I had for example a very bad emotional experience when I was 4-5 years old and I can't remember it!? Will that mean, that I will never be able to manifest something in my life ONLY because there is an issue that I'm not aware of???

Thanks! :)

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  • Thanks Serfie. Sounds cool :D

    Has anyone tried to work with hypnosis? "Karolina" mentioned something. I found some videos on youtube. But what can I do with them? Do I need in my case a "hypnosis for hair regrowth" or is there a "common hypnosis" which sets me in trance and then I do something :)

  • You're exactly right.  We start at level 3. Have you ever heard about Ho'oponopono?  It is an updated Hawaiian problem solving process to release memories that are experienced as problems. Check this out :

    This method says you don't have to remember the bad experiences that affect your life. You don't have to know what the problem deep inside is. By repeating 4 sentences (excuse me, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) you clean your soul. You make peace with the things (memories) that cause problems in your life. You send love to those bad memories and by the power of love you heal them. As I said before, you don't have to know what the thing that causes problem is.

    It may sound stupid. When I first heard about it, I said: "Come on, that's just trash." But then I got some interesting experiences about it. I still can't say that it works but it worths to try. 

    I didn't give detailed information about it because you can find a lot on the internet. And maybe you've already known about this interesting method.

  • I just think you got so used to seeing yourself with w/out hair it became programmed in your mind. That's normal. And, that's probably all you thought about, so it manifested itself into a dream. :)

    Self-recorded audio is good. :)

  • THanks Chrissy

    That sounds good! :) But what do you do if the issue is kind of programmed in your subconsciousness. For example: When I started with LOA (for hair regrowth), I had dreams where I saw myself without hair.

    That means. My consciousness wants hair and my subconsciousness not. (It's like a war) :)

    How can I reprogram my subconsciousness? I started now with self recorded audio and I listen to it when I go to sleep (and when I fall asleep).

    Does that all make any sense? :)

    • I can understand this. I am trying to do the same (regrow hair). I am going to remove some of our pictures in our house which in which you can see the bals spots.

      Like Chrissy says, I am programed to see myself as a bald person because I have all those pictures around me that show it. Also, for years I have seen myself in the mirror not thinking it positively. So it is a slow process. But hang in there, it works.


      Some witholding thoughts thaty I had were:

      • Looks is not everything.
      • It is heriditary.
      • People look good when Bald (which they do, but in my case it was more of  self consolation)
      • it is an irreversible process.
      • When people made fun of me, I just laughed with them and said, who wants hair etc. (I am actually changing this now. If my friends say something about losing hair, i tell them " If I can lose the, I can grow them too")


      May be this will help you to look deep into yourself and see if you might have self sabotged the process.


      Good thing is that it is possible.


      Good luck.

    • you can change your subconscious with HYPNOSIS

  • I understand, that you have to accept yourself and be in peace.

    Exactly! Most of the time when people want to change their physical appearance, it's due to experience, or not being good enough etc... And, no it only depends on what TYPE of bad experience you had when you were 4-5 years old.

    Plus the thing people also lack is patience and faith. If you're working an 8 hour shift everyday, and you paycheck comes every 2 weeks, do you have DOUBT that it's not going to come? No. That's how LOA should be. Plus you should be consistent. Your body changes every second and listens to every thought you make. :)

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