Revisiting The Feeling Method by Johanna - 30 day challenge

I want to go on a 30 day challenge in attempt to change my physical appearance by using her method for a month instead of trying something new every other day and feeling hopeless. A couple months ago I did The Feeling Method (TFM) for like 2 days and then stopped lol for no reason whatsoever.Anyways, who wants to do the challenge with me? :DI will be adding the links to her threads momentarily.If you want to join the 30 day challenge, state in your response to this thread:1. Your desired physical goal(s) below (height, eye color, bone structure, etc.)2. Whether or not you've heard of or tried The Feeling Method before3. If you have, for how long? And what results you did or did not notice4. Do you want a daily thread to motivate us beginning tomorrow? We can share our completed exercise or simply contribute to the discussionThank you :)Edit: Links addedPlease read all the threads below if you haven't already before the challenge so you know what to do.1. 2: Attached PDF file of all the information on Johanna's threads so you can download for offline access


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  • Thank you for this !

  • Count me in! Discovered this method a few days ago and I'm starting it today!

  • Just posted a recap of my first day in the main forum :)

    I really hope you achieve those results! The Feeling Method is pretty much a way to release doubts you have so your mind can allow you to attain the physical appearance you want, by primarily building self-love. It's explained in full detail in the 4 links I posted, which I compiled all the information into the pdf attached btw. 

  • I want an hourglass body. E.I. Small waist, large hips, and big ass and thighs. I already have an etremely small waist, big breast and huge thighs...I also want a curly silky large afro. Lastly I want glowy and even brown skin.

    Never heard of the method and wouldnt mind a thread.
  • For me:
    1. I want to change sooooo much about my physical appearance...get smooth hair-free skin permanently, brown to translucent green eyes, slimmer face with more prominent cheekbones, clearer skin, a slender figure (like smaller bone structure), and many other things. I know pretty much what I want to look like and made a photoshop edit so I can visualize my ideal self easily
    2. It was the first method I read about when I got access to this forum, and I got really excited and tried it out
    3. The excitement went away quickly and I stopped doing TFM about 2 or 3 days in. Kinda pathetic lol
    4. Since I am OP, I will say yes lol. It will be good motivation for me to continue working on TFM every day
  • Glad to have you join me on the challenge! :)
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