• "Now that you know what you want, make it yours."

    Good :)

  • Could you explain in more detail ? So excited !!!

    • First you have to know what you want. Alot of us tend to be very indecisive. Now that you know what you want, make it yours.

      Visualize the after results. Like maybe a friend saying, "Wow, you're skin looks really smooth." etc..

      Now what I did for my scar was I would first get into an alpha state. Then, I would imagine walking into a lab. This lab has all my cells working. I would then go lay down on this bed, similar to the bed/chair you lie on when you go to the dentist. I would then tell them what I want, and I would see them removing the scar. Afterwards I would say something like "Thank you cells." And that would be done.

      After that I would visualize the after effects. Like a friend looking at my legs and saying "Geez, Chrissy has such smooth legs, no bruises, no scars." And, I would feel the emotion for that.

      Now, my cheekbones are "changed" right now as well. They're constantly tingling. And, there will be times when I would be washing my face and I feel like the bone is more pronounced and feels different. Plus, I only started changing them yesterday!
    • " I would then tell them what I want, and I would see them removing the scar"
      Will it make you feel that you have the scar??? Just confused

      Thanks for your advice.
    • Chrissy, how long did you visualized the "scar removing" process? I mean, how many meditation you did until you got the results you wanted? (sorry for my English ^.^)

    • I don't know how long, I just went with it, you know? When you start timing your visualization or meditation that's when resistance comes in. Do it for as long as you want.

      In my mind I already had the results. So, I wouldn't really know. But, I did it usually before I went to sleep. Or, when I'm in the shower. Not sure if I answered your question properly.

      Also, when looking in the mirror, you have to have the feeling of indifference, like you normally would if you weren't changing your features. If you notice your scars, it's not really there. Just affirm that you love your skin and be happy.

      Your English is fine, btw. ;D

      @jota - thanks! :)
  • Just change your reality. Your perception.

    I was able to remove a scar on my leg a month and a half ago, using Neville's method.
  • I just want to do totally LOA. Because I dont want to think of it.
  • would you be against anything done physically with LOA or do you want just totally LOA with no physical action whats so ever?

    because there are technique you can do with the right intention to get rid of stretch marks and scars

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