Scientists Prove DNA Can Be changed

i don't know if someone posted this link or not but it's a good article


Do you know what do they mean by frequencies???

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  • This makes so much sense! If you put a thought out to the universe that you dislike your breast (or whatever), you'll manifest a reality where that is true. This would make acceptance and love beneficial to manifest reality. You've got to get yourself in the mindset in which your reality exists.

  • Thank you EnergyZone, you certainly helped me! Yes, acting as if doesn't work for me as well. Yes, I've had negative feelings about my breasts for as long as I can remember so it won't be easy to change those but I will keep sending love to my breasts and try to let go :) thank you so much!

  • Congratulations EnergyZone!!! :) :) Can you tell me more specifically what you did to grow taller this fast? Thank you!

    • Eva, i think I know the answer - he COMPLETELY LET GO :) 

    • Yes, I know, but I'm trying to get my breasts to grow and it's not having a lot of effect and I think I'm letting go but apparently I'm doing something wrong or it would be working by now. It's not easy first time manifesting :) but I won't give up!

    • then you have DEEPLY rooted negative beliefs, regarding the growth of your breasts; so just letting go is not enough; you have to address the issue

    • How should I do this Karolina? Do you have some tips for me please?

  • Like I said, I believe in the results, but not the experiment.

  • thank you all for your comments but please i didn't post this link to convince doubters, but i posted it to discuss the content with those who believe already. Thanks

  • Congratulations energyzone , im observing yours posts since you started having yours first results , you have great potential , everyone have , but al least you are using in your favor .


    The key is doing how you are doing , experimenting , observing , noticing etc ..this is the key.


    After convincing yourself , everything is possible.



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