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Shipra's post:

It seems like she has been mentioned by quite a lot of people in this group, such as drum champ who grew taller, and rizne777, and so on.


Drum Champ's Post

a guy who grew 4-5 inches in a few months.


Johanna's The Feeling Method

release negativity and resistance


(inner self talk) method on removing negativity, resistance, and emotional traumas (inner self talk):


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Mike's (a member of PI) advice on self love


Feya (a previous member of PI) nose changing success story 


My Evolution ( flawless skin, desired height, drop dead gorgeous looks)


My desired height!


Iris P posts:

My thoughts:

I know that a lot of LOA teachings focus on feeling/ thinking positively, or trying to get to a "high vibrational state" where you feel excited, happy, grateful for your desire/ current life... Or even spreading unconditional love and gratitude to everything and everyone around you (there's nothing wrong with unconditional love, but the problem is with the timing, which i will explain later)...

However, in my experience, don't try to purposefully make yourself feel good when you are not, or reach  a high vibrational state, or feel positive, or get into the "vortex" or do positive thinking/ affirmations...!

It only makes matters worse!


If you are not feeling good, consciously making yourself feel good SUPPRESSES your negative vibrations back into your subconscious. So, on the surface, you may "will" yourself to feel good and positive, on the inside (your subconscious), the negative emotions, beliefs and vibrations get INTENSIFIED- so every time you try to feel good (during times when you feel like crap), your negativity INTENSIFIES in your subconscious, AND THAT'S WHAT LOA TRULLY RESPONDS TO. LOA doesn't attract what you want (conscious mind), but what you truly are (subconscious mind). 

Think about it, even if you try positive thinking/ feeling good, if you ask yourself truthfully and honestly/ if you really listen to your heart and ask "do i really feel good?", most of the time, the answer is "actually i feel really terrible even though i did all the positive thinking..." The whole idea of "fake it till you make it" doesn't work because you can fake your outer self, but you can't really fake/fool your inner self (your heart).

Analogy: a rotten apple

on the surface: pretty red glossy surface- all your efforts on positive thinking, feeling good, feeling happy no matter what...

On the inside: rotten core- what you have been suppressing, neglecting, avoiding, fearing...

So, do you think this apple is going to last? Or is it going to rot? 

The CONCLUSION: positive thinking/ feeling good may work only for a while, but after that, it doesn't seem to work because it doesn't address the issues at the CORE-the ROTTEN APPLE CORE is STILL THERE AND is ONLY INTENSIFYING!

So how to solve this?

It's actually really easy and common sense. 

1. stop positive thinking, or feeling good (at least for now). Don't try to make yourself feel better and better. 

2. be aware of, and then tune in to your feelings/ negativity/ negative beliefs, EMBRACE them, ALLOW yourself to feel them 100% (you really need to feel your feelings to the greatest extent, so yeah, the whole process is painful and extremely uncomfortable, but this is the only way you will release them), ACKNOWLEDGE them "I acknowledge that I'm feeling..., thinking...",  FORGIVE yourself for feeling that way, LOVE yourself no matter how you are feeling "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you"

(if you are doing it right, you should feel like crying) 

3. Other methods: use the feeling method by Johanna, or inner self talk method described above. (these two methods are actually really easy to use, and highly effective)

4. If the pain is too much to bear/ really traumatic experiences, then do EFT tapping first (however this is only a temporary solution, you still need to fully experience the pain and feeling in order to heal).

5. Attitude: you are not trying to make the negativity go away, instead, you are embracing and allowing them (You can even tell yourself that the negativity will never go away, you just want to make peace with it and live with it with compassion). If you only use the above methods in order to get rid of something/ or as means to manifest a desire, or you keep thinking "why doesn't this work? why don't i feel better?" Then your attitude is not FULLY EMBRACING and ALLOWING, and you will get stuck. However, if you surrender to the universe, and just let go of all control of your minds, then healing will start automatically because the the very act of embracing and allowing is the representation of "unconditional love" for yourself. 

It's a paradox: by having no expectation/ desire to get well/ feel positive (this is total surrendering to the universe and letting go of your control), you actually will get well/ feel positive very quickly because the universal life stream will take over since you have less resistance (your ego to control your life)

Then what about positive thinking and manifesting our desires?

These things come later. You need to fix your "inside" first, before you manifest the "outside." You can't expect anything to manifest if on the inside, you are feeling loads of emotional pain and trauma, right?

The time will come for you to engage in positive thinking and manifestation, but at this moment, you should focus on embracing your negativity first.

I recently read a post which is really insightful. The author said that in our world, there's so much "light" going on. Everyone is trying to "go into the light," become positive, happy, nice, helpful... However, we are neglecting the "darkness" in us (negativity, negative emotions, feelings, thoughts).

Everything has 2 sides (light and dark), yin and yang, 2 different polarities. 

If we just think about happy, positive thoughts, what about the negative ones? If we only dwell on positivity, this leads to imbalance. So we need to dwell on both the positive and the negative. However, when we are dwelling on negativity, be sure that you are not "lost" in it- you need to be AWARE that you are having negative thoughts/ feelings, not suppress them, but choose to embrace, allow and acknowledge them (attitude: not trying to get rid of them; but of course, in reality, you are getting rid of them :)  

For example, a lot of the posts here on powerful intentions  talk about how you need to have 100% faith in LOA in order to work. What happens is that everyone then go off trying so hard to believe in LOA, and when they are still not seeing any results, continue to force themselves to believe in LOA. After a while, they lose their faith all together because they do not truly allow themselves to feel their fear, anxiety, doubt about LOA in the beginning. My advice is:  If you feel doubtful, then let yourself feel your doubts. Don't suppress them, allowance/ embracing these doubtful feelings/ how LOA is not working is the only way to release these negative feelings. At the same time, also think about how LOA works, and gather success stories (LOA is law, it works whether you believe it or not). 

Also, regarding physical appearance change, do you completely "forget" your physical appearance and just "see" your new appearance? Do you just "ignore" the current reality and fully believe in your new reality? To me, this is again suppression of your fear and anxiety. It's better to just look into the mirror and feel disappointed, then to convince yourself that your new image is there. So while you are visualising and believing in your new physical appearance, feeling good as if you have it now, when negativity arises, you still need to acknowledge them, instead of pushing them away. Again, please have both positive and negative emotions. Eventually, feeling the negative emotions will release the negative emotions, and you will have more positive emotions in the end. 

You may then ask, "how do we manifest things? Don't we need to believe in our new reality?" Yes we do. The techniques really are  those described in The Secret, Abraham Hicks...: believe, feel and visualise; believing, feeling, and acting as if; believe that you already have what you want now. These are all true. However, it's all about the timing. If you currently have lots of negativity on the inside, doing these techniques bring more harm than good because you are forcing to feel/ act as if/ believe in your desires when you really do not, this in turn leads to suppression of negativity even further into your subconscious. 

However, when you reach a stage when you do not have lots of negativity inside/ your energy is more unified and pure (by embracing negativity in the first place), then you feel natural doing these techniques and strangely, you can TRULLY believe, feel and visualise your new reality. 

My observation: some people get instant results just by believing, feeling and visualising, because they do not have lots of negative momentum going on inside. This explains why many have successes with LOA just by visualising and believing because the power of their manifestation energy is greater than the power of their  negativity. However, if they do continue their journey of just focusing on the positive, and ignoring the negative, they soon will "lose their manifestation power" because of the accumulated negativity on the inside. Here is an example of a LOA blogger (on another forum) who does positive thinking and believing for years but his life is actually getting worse: 



Others, myself included, have more negativity on the inside in the beginning, so believing, feeling and visualising don't seem to work. Therefore, we need to first sort out the negativity (by embracing and acknowledging it), clear out our emotional traumas, then manifestation will occur magically. 

In conclusion, one main point:

Before doing any positive thinking/ believing, FIRST, embrace, acknowledge, feel your negativity to the greatest extent, don't suppress them, don't have the attitude of using this "method" in order to get rid of negativity, if you just pretend that you can't get rid of negativity, but are still willing to embrace/ acknowledge them, then miraculously, the negativity will go away eventually. 



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    • Hi guys,

      This person changed his eye colours in a month. He went to India for a spiritual journey, and he changed his eye colour by  visualisation during meditation (deep state)

      The images below show his gradual change in eye colour. I forgot where I got this from (it's from a blog) and also, it's not written in english :).

    • 6369683668?profile=original

    • 6369837288?profile=original

    • 6369914055?profile=original

  • This is the best post i have read so far.
    Thank you for such wonderful information.
  • dont follow collective consciousness if yoiu want have a happy life.

    Well said

  • Yup, that happens all of the time, people tend to use action to try to correct what it is their beliefs are creating, and they are disappointed when all of the hard work doesn't seem to result in much. Thank you, your insight is appreciated as always! I will continue to make my own "rules" and beliefs and follow them instead.

  • "Jota, I'm curious, what do you think of people who say that creating our realities isn't a legitimate thing because of all of the unfortunate and chaotic things that go on in the world? Lost lives, people and children getting ill, etc. Do you think it's a reflection of the way that the society thinks? "

    Hello :)

    Everyone are creating all the time, one cannot not create, but few peoples know it, even when they have access this info, they refuse believe that they are creating all, the good and the bad, and then they cannot change it, they try using action which is really the most weak way, like i say sometimes, dont follow collective consciousness if yoiu want have a happy life.

  • I always enjoy hearing your perspective Jota; you're one of the three people I feel whose explanations resonate with me the most. When it comes to defining our realities, I think we're so used to the idea that someone or something else is in control, that we don't question some of our thoughts. For example, one of my more recurring thoughts was the fear that I would relax and allow, and nothing would follow suit. "Nothing would follow suit" is not a thought that I saw as self-imposed, an outcome that I'm introducing, I saw it as a truth, a potential outcome outside of my control, but if we determine our realities, what can only ever be true is what we choose to define as true. It finally occurred to me that "Nothing would follow suit" was simply a thought, not an actual outcome that I have to be afriad of. 

    Jota, I'm curious, what do you think of people who say that creating our realities isn't a legitimate thing because of all of the unfortunate and chaotic things that go on in the world? Lost lives, people and children getting ill, etc. Do you think it's a reflection of the way that the society thinks? 

  • Loa i a misconception of reality, to beggin there is not attraction, you are not separated from your reality, which means you are creating the physical reality right now, i mean, your room, your pc ...

    To attract something you have to separate if from yourself (the mind), you have to assume that things exist independent of your mind, and then you create this assumption, this is one reason why Loa is something soo uncertain that works someti-me and dont work sometimes too, one are creating hardness.

    So, since you are created anything right now, if you understand it you can see that vibration, becoming happy happy happy, or "you have to love yourself first ( yourself is perfect, what happens is that you think you are a body), are just beliefs, just tools, like rituals in magick that are unnecessary but one do to facilitate believing.

    Now if you get that you are your reality, you can just intend and wait it start becoming real in your world.

    Since most peoples are physicalists, they think this is not possible, then there are theses bunch of rules, techniques, to make them believe they attract things.

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