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Hi guys,

just dropping in to share an insight. 

I was reading shipra's post all over again the other day and to my surprise, I was beginning to understand a lot more than I ever did before. 

Everything resonated with me at last, and it's literally like I finally "get" what Shipra is talking about. Before, I got stuck on phrases like "loving yourself", "act as if"... I mean, HOW do you do it? How do you act AS IF? 

Now, for some strange reasons, I just get it with my heart. 

I spent years trying to get it, but I never did. Everywhere people are telling me to believe and to really "feel". I thought I "got it", but actually I did not. I thought I understood perfectly what Shipra was saying before, but again, I was nowhere close at that time. It's like reading a book. When you read the same book again and again, you get something new and you experience it differently every single time. I think this is what's happening to me right now. 

These couple of days something just shook the very earth that I am standing upon.   

I felt an urge to re-read shipra's posts and suddenly, I began to see everything from a different perspective and the same words and sentences just looked so different to me. I am like nodding my head while reading her posts and just feel like that's exactly what I have come to realise during my journey... It's not even like I am trying to "find out" how to do it, it's more like I've finally understood all these things on my own and right now, I am just agreeing wholeheartedly with Shipra.

I hope you guys get what I mean. The more I know, the more I realise that LOA is not something that is totally "communicable" and "explainable". That's why we see so many of us that diligently follow the "success stories" guidelines, but still have no results. That's because the "experiences and insights" of the success people are "non- translatable" to other people. Those who achieve success in changing their appearance vibrate at a very high frequency; the people who are "trying" to "understand" their successes come from a different vibrational frequency, so what they are capable of understanding is very limited and incomplete. 

 In conclusion, LOA and changing appearance can be extremely difficult (when you are still struggling with how to do it), and also extremely easy (when you finally know what you have to do—the process itself is still difficult - i mean constantly believing is quite difficult for me at least, but the "HOW" part is really easy and straightforward)

I hope all this makes sense to you guys,


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  • Totally!!

  • oh, one more thing. it just occurred to me why self love is so important. 

    We want to change our bodies right, and that's through energy.

    How fast we manifest depends on how pure our energy is. 

    How can we make our energy purer? By our sense of love.

    When you hate your body, and you keep on thinking that you want to get another better body= hatred for your body. 

    When you hate your body, you expect your body to work for you and to change accordingly? This is a joke, right?

    Imagine: you keep saying "I hate you" to someone, and then you expect them to do you a favour. Ridiculous, right?

    The same goes with your body. How do you know when you truly love your body? 

    When you love it with unconditional love, and do not even wish to change it. That's when you truly love your body. 

    Also, a lot of us are thinking: HOW do we love ourselves?

    To be honest with you, I really have no idea. In the past, I have been struggling with exactly how to love myself. I tried affirmation, keep saying "i love myself"... They do not work. I did not feel love for myself.

    But today, suddenly, I just knew what I needed to do. I suddenly know HOW to love myself. 

    So, I guess learning to love yourself is just a process that all of us have to learn and go through. You cannot force to love yourself. It doesn't work. So, when you are reading this message right now, and then you go and try to love yourself— well, probably you won't be able to love yourself ( sorry, I am trying to sound discouraging, but it's true). Only when you have accumulated enough life lessons, experiences, knowledge, then suddenly, a door will open to you and you will be able to love yourself unconditionally and fully. 

  • Hi 

    just an update. Today, I think I finally achieved "self-love" and "making peace with myself". It felt great. I have never felt like this before. It felt like I have so much love for myself that I just feel so happy and complete. It feels amazing. Never felt happier. I just feel that I have finally accepted myself.

    Funny thing, I don't really "crave" for changing my appearance anymore. I still want it. But it's more like I am good looking now, if I have that appearance, it will be even better. I'm probably gonna work on mind power still, but it's just for fun i guess. 

    Everybody, start loving yourselves ASAP! 

    Also, don't FORCE to love yourself. It doesn't work. I forced to love myself in the past, and I tried really hard to love myself and I thought I loved myself, but actually I wasn't. 

    Now, I realise that in order to love yourself, here are the things you need to do:

    - do not "think" about loving yourself. do not use your conscious mind. no thought, no ideas about "listing 10 things to appreciate yourself", no affirmations (if it feels forced)...

    -instead, just FEEL the love for your body and yourself. and just feel it. the feeling may be completeness, love, fulfilment, kindness...

    - then with this emotion, I go through an emotional outpour of positive emotions— which means that I allow myself to completely lose control in my positivity, so I will say things like: I love myself, OMG,  it feels so good to love myself, I am perfect, whole, amazing... I love my body ....

    you get the idea: just go berserk with your positivity and allow your mind to say whatever it wants to — see, you are not forcing to love yourself, this way, the love comes about naturally.

  • I think I can resonate a lot with her philosophy, it just makes sense to me.
  • I have a PDF of her writings here


    • Thank you soooo much Sal :)

  • can anyone please post guiding ray's post 

  • Yeah you are absolutely right, but I think it also has something to do with your personal experience.

    Also, LOA is not something that you have to understand i think. There are so many people who achieve success without even knowing the field of LOA. What does this tell us? It means that you just need to feel the "essence" of LOA, in your own terms. 

    Also, just a side note: remember what shipra said about eft tapping with affirmations. Well, I kind of started my own routine a few days ago and i have been feeling amazing. 

    Here's the routine: 

    instead of repeating affirmations, just think about happy thoughts, memories, feelings instead (this has nothing to do with achieving your LOA goals) 

    you don't need to say words out loud. Just say to yourself silently. and experience love, joy, excitement in all parts of your life. 

    For example, yesterday, I just kept on singing my favourite song in my head while I was eft tapping. The result is that I felt the joy I felt when I was a kid. How everything is possible and magical... 

    Feeling happy/ feeling good is so important (now i understand it) because you are literally rewiring your brain and signalling the "good genes" to get turned on. by feeling happy, you are training your mind to be more open to positive suggestions, to believe in your desires more easily... Feeling happy changes your DNA. And if what we are after is altering physical appearance (changing DNA), then I think feeling happy is the first step that we must take before doing anything else! 

    Try this technique!

  • Same here, I met Shipra in 2012, but just this year I've understood what she said. Now things are clear, it's more intuitive than intellectual.

    • Hey Jahara, does Shipra have a website or any other way I can reach out to her? 

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