I'm aware that seeking to decrease one's stature is the opposite to what most people here want, however, my ideal frame is of smaller proportions than those which I currently possess.


Obviously, if such feats as growing taller, re-shaping your face and altering hair color are possible, then shrinking is too. But what techniques would you recommend for achieving a decrease in height?


Has anyone else wanted shrink by a few inches? Were they successful?   =)

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    • Wishing luck to you as well and, I will :)
  • I have a great idea for all y'all wanting to decrease your height. Just give me you extra inches and you can be my Awesome 5'1.5".Yeehaaaa!!!!

    I love my extra extra small body frame though, that I am not willing to trade just give me your 4-5 inches and take mine!!!! Swapportunity y'all!!!! haha

    Ok on a serious note!!!! Just feel that you already have the changes and feel everything that you would feel being shorter and smaller. Visualize yourself next to someone who is currently your height and imagine looking up to them and just have fun with your creative ideas. I am actually feeling great lately and I just let it go I know it's mine and I have it, it will just show in time. I wore some of my old pants and they are shorter on me but I aint measuring yet. They have never shrunk in the dryer this way, they get normal after a few hours of wearing. I am stoked!!!!
  • i want to be shorter. im now 5'4'' inches tall but id like to be short like 5'1''. But ive been partially successful. when i realized i want to be shorter, i was 5'6'', it's just not enough. and this is kinda weird that i can manifest whatever i want if i dont beg for it. i just let it go. i also want to change my face shape, lips etc.. but i just cant, im too focused on it and expect to see change. i have to work on it. and as for you, good luck, it will manifest soon.

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