I'm aware that seeking to decrease one's stature is the opposite to what most people here want, however, my ideal frame is of smaller proportions than those which I currently possess.


Obviously, if such feats as growing taller, re-shaping your face and altering hair color are possible, then shrinking is too. But what techniques would you recommend for achieving a decrease in height?


Has anyone else wanted shrink by a few inches? Were they successful?   =)

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  • Wow....

  • I'm seeking a decrease in height as well. I'm a 5'10 woman and I would LOVE to be like 5'5. Heck, even 5'7 or 5'8 would be ok but I know I have to stop hating being tall. That's my problem. Focusing on what I DON'T want is keeping me from what I DO want. I'm going to let my desire go and let the wonderful Universe grant me my wish. See it as already mine. The joy and beauty I'd feel if I was petite. I know it will happpen, I've just gotta change my focus. Best of luck to you as well please let us know of any sucess. Its very encouraging!

  • Growing taller is not possible, but shrinking is. It's natural. But why would you want to? Short people are worthless and women despise them. Short people get paid less, get less respect, etc. I would murder millions of people if it meant being taller

  • The good News is, is the same principle to everything, if one want be smaller, short, just do what we already know here.

    I Always meet peoples that create in some type of defaut state, called letting go, but finally i start meeting persons that do it in a controled way, the secret is...practice. They practice till they start seeing, i am training right now in a scar that i have ( i love the scar in my hand, but i love more yet the possibility that i can remove it , or replace it)

    Now, is a good idea stoping seeing things like solids and fixable, and see yourself like a fluid energy.

  • I am 5'5 and I wear an 11.5 (US size), of course the ladies like it : P

  • You managed to shrink from 5'6 to 5'4? Wow! What techniques did you apply/ how long did this take you?

    • few weeks, maybe one month. and i dont know what technique it was.. it just happened so naturally like i was always that height. it wasnt such a big desire so i didnt pay much attention to it. once i thought it would be great if i could be shorter, it felt really good and since then i was on that vibration till i get so used to it, it actually manifested. i wasnt like ''omg i hate my height, come oon i want to see changes'' it happened because since that moment (when i thought i could be shorter) it became a part of my everyday life and i didnt even realize. no one needs any techniques or anything. it comes naturally. it's like, you love yourself, but you think you could be a better version. this is when there's nothing wrong with your desire. its no more desire that is based on absence. i have also manifested change in my voice. i guess you should not make a big deal about what you want. just feel it and let go. act natural. whatever you want, it should be natural to you. it will manifest as soon as you are completely used to it, so when it comes you only feel like ''well good, that's it''. hope this helps, good luck.

    • Really interesting thank you! My problem is I think I've become obsessed with my desire and I'm now blocking it, do you have any tips for your expert nonchalance ?

    • well, this is my problem, too. i want to look like this one girl from instagram and i want it so bad i resist it. but, recently i thought it would be great to get new phone and next day, they called my mom and offered her new phone for low price etc.. and she asked for the phone i actually want, they said that's on the list of the phones they offer and she said she will come on friday to ask more and maybe she will take it.. it looks like im gonna get that phone i wanted and i didnt even want it that bad. it happened this week. so i think the problem is, we are too obsessed and this should stop. but i would try to create desire even bigger than this one you're talking about, so it could employ your mind and this desire could naturally manifest. try it out.

    • Yeah that's a good idea actually, create something bigger/more important! Gonna try that now :) Best of luck with the phone and appearance, please keep us updated!

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