SMALL Changes With Cell Talking

Hi there! So I just wanna say, i have received small changes. 

I just wanna say 97% of the times I rarely get any type of pimples/zits/acne. So one day I'm looking in the mirror and there it is!! It was pretty big and disgusting. So that's when i decided to go back to cell talking. But before I did, I wanted to do some research.

Most of you know, i did get results in the past from cell talking. For those that DON'T  well I wanted green eyes, because I felt like it would suit me. Lol. And i started doing cell talking. I got results in less than 5 days. I was ecstatic! I started to notice a green outline around my eyes. The reason I got such quick results was because RIGHT after I instructed my cells, I went back to my life. Watching TV  Listening to music, Going out...etc. Anything to make me kinda forget I guess, until it was time for me to instruct again. And, whenever I had doubts or anything, I'll just bombard my mind with these instructions "Cells I want you to make my eyes green. Thank You And Love You" over and over until the doubt just drift away from my mind. :) So after I noticed these results, I started checking a lot often, way TOO often and that hindered the cells from doing the instructions I told them to do. 3 days later I stopped and decided to do OTHER techniques. But cell talking was the ONLY  technique that worked for me and so quick too. And the other techniques, didn't feel right to me.... Lol.

Now going to the research; before I even started on this 2nd cell talking business  I did some research. Bruce Lipton cells theory, lots of articles, mind over matter...etc.. and I also read this 3 times;

Celltalkingandphysicalchanging95%20%281%29.docx It got me all excited. Lol

And, I finally understood understood. :)

You see, everything that you're doing right now to change your physical appearance IS related to cell talking in some kind of way, because your cells are SUPER-SUPER responsive. So when you visualize yourself in a certain way, your cells respond to that image, because it knows that's what you want and changes the body structure to the way you want it.

Like in the document I posted above. (Credits To; Wasp,) btw. David says that it wont happen in a day give it a week for the cells to get use to the instruction. Because it wont be healthy to think; 'Im fat' and by the end of the day you become fat. Just not healthy for the body. You can do visualization  it just gotta be constant. Not once a day. Like Natalie said. Because what happens is the more you visualize yourself in a way the whole day, while eating, taking a shower, cooking...etc. Your cells respond to that. And they are getting constantly instructed to do a certain thing. But when you do it once a day, it takes a bit longer. lol. I mean anybody can do it once a day if they feel it's comfortable. :) 

Your cells have habits too. For example, if you have brown eyes, but want blue eyes. After you instruct your cells they automatically start working to make your eyes blue. But if you instruct your cells for 1 day and stop. They go back to making brown eyes. Old Habits Die Hard. ;)

The thing with this though, when you're first starting off, you don't need 100% belief. Later on you will. :)

Alrighty then, back to this pimple. I don't have an ACTUAL picture but I'll show a demonstration, close to how it looked. Oh I've only been doing this for 1 day and a half. NO PRODUCTS at all. :) 

here is how it looked like before;


well maybe a little bit smaller and less noticeble, lol. but other than that, close.

after 1 and half days

Please don't mind my crappy use of paint. x-D

Now what i did; after all that research, my belief got a bit stronger. :) So I started on November 2nd. :) at around 6 am. lol just saying. I touched the pimple and say "Cells I want You To Make This Pimple Go Away. Thank You And Love You' basically i did everything the same way i did for changing my eye color except for constantly checking. Lol

So yeah, that's it. Any questions? Lol

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  • I do believe biokinesis and cell talking are pretty much the same thing as the Law of Attraction. Which is just basically your thoughts control your reality, whether that's your appearance or other factors of your life. Your thoughts are energy, and this energy is broadcast throughout the universe, trust me I have seen it myself everyday.
  • what were your results? do you mind sharing?

  • Maybe subliminals for changing eye color? Never tried it, but I've heard decent things about it. 

    • I've been trying them, even used a few for 2-3 months but didn't get results, maybe I just didn't use right ones

  • Hey guys, I've tried CT in the past but it didn't work out, I'm not sure what I did wrong.

    Any suggestions on what I can do change my eye color to hazel green?

    I want them like this guy's xD

    hrithik roshan eye color - Google Search
  • I've had good results with cell talking, I need to go back to it. I also listen to subliminals at the same time.
  • Where is Chrissy gone now? Is she still doing ct anyone?
  • hey...can cell talking help me to remove my facial and body hair, permanently ?? If yes then what should I say to them or instruct them? Thanks in advance. :)

  • Well I didn't get a lot pale but it is a bit noticeable. Believe it or not it took a day and I said things like "Lovely cells, please make my skin pale." over and over while rubbing my skin.
  • Wow congrats ! is it alright if u could tell us how long it took you and what did u exactly say :)
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