Hi guys ! For the last 2 weeks I believed that my acne wasnt there , I convinced myself that i have clear smooth skin, I didnt check my self in the mirror or put my hand on my face .yesterday my friend took a picture of me and I was surprised my skin is 99 percent clear now !!! but i have some open pores lol 

although that small success is supposed to make me believe more that I can change tottaly . but it didnt 

I manifested clear skin because it was easy to acheive and to imagine . 

I am afraid that my skin healed because of my hormones balance . not because  of Loa .

my second goal is my eye and height  , I want to change my eyeshape and make them bigger , I cant try to feel them changing , because I cant really fake feeling bones moving ..

can someone explain me the process of manifesting physical change? 

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  • Congratulations on your brilliant skin! But you always already had it, didn't you?

    From what I understand, Joline, Law of Attraction is a super-orchestrator. It's a jack of all trades. Who's to say Law of Attraction wasn't a factor (if not the factor) in your hormones' balance? That's to say: believing that you had smooth skin may have helped your body achieve balance.

    Processes for physical change are as numerous as the desired changes, and the people who desire those changes.

    Our bodies are incredibly intricate systems that function in so many different ways, and all at once! Any number of things can occur physically which alter our appearances. What we can control is our self-perception, and that's the work.

    Feel as fulfilled as you can with your body and I'm sure, just like your friend taking that surprising picture, clues and cues will manifest themselves.

    The one tip I would provide: don't let's desire to look like someone else. Let's manifest the fullest expression of who we already are. And riding that sound vibe, feeling that fullness ever-present, we'll continue to blossom.

  • Well visualization helped me a lot . as soon as i woke up I visualized myself with my new skin . then I lived my life and forgot about it . 

    i have stretch marks too ! I am working on it . :D thankyouu for replying <3

    • i think thats where my flaw is and a lot of peoples in that i dont focus enough and therefore dont feel desire as much!! yayyy well ive added you so keep me posted. well done again! no problem <3

  • '

    can someone explain me the process of manifesting physical change? ' YOU GOT IT ALREADY!! <3

  • this is exactly what i needed to see!!!!!!!

    so thankyou! to some people this might be their BIGGEST success, for example if someone has an all over body scar that makes them feel really bad. I for example have red stretch marks that i am REALLY conscious of - if they were to go, i would class that as no small miracle. congratulations. Its all about perception and this has really helped me. Do you suggest i do a similar thing? visualise? any tips would help. thanks so much! and thankyou again!!!!! X

  • Small success is success nonetheless! I know what you mean, though, about thinking one thing is easier than the other. I've also had "small" success with my skin: I imagined myself with the skin tone I wanted, even changed my wallpaper to a model with the skin tone I want, and at the hair salon today (when I had to face the mirror) my skin looked amazing! It's getting closer to that tone everyday.

    But, it really is about belief. We manifested skin change because we believed it was easier, not because it actually is.

    From what I know, and am in the process of applying, it's about believing the change is already there, not believing it's changing, if that makes sense. You already know how to do it- exactly what you did for your acne.

    In The Secret Rhonda mentions that it's as easy to manifest one dollar as a million- it's just about our belief.

    Just my two cents. :)

    Congrats again and keep going!

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