Smaller Increments

Like many, I have wanted to be taller.  I had the same problem that many do which was how can I visualize my desired height when I'm constantly provided feedback that I'm not that height.  I decided to try breaking up my desire to be taller into smaller increments.  For example, I was 5'9", and I wanted to be 6'4".  Instead I focused on just the next inch or half inch.  For me, that cut through my inability to believe I was taller.  It is a lot easier to believe that you're an inch taller than several inches taller.  And then your body is that tall.

This might not have been the fastest way to get taller, but it worked for me.  Over the last year and a half I grew to 6'4" like I wanted.  I was able to believe I was that much taller and each time more height manifested in my body.

I hope this can help those of you who are seeking to be taller.

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  • 5 foot 2 iam i meant
  • So iam 15 want to be 6 foot so i should believe iam 5 foot c cuz im 5 foot 2
  • I had a similar idea but I was too scared to trust myself and act on it. I am glad it worked out for you - I am motivated to try it myself now. How old are you?

  • Awesome man! How often would you measure yourself? So you would know you achieved the 1 (or half) inch and should move to manifest another one?

  • were you measuring from time to time?

  • hello towering paul,

    congratulations on your success!

    Could you tell us a bit more in detail as to what you did? You mentioned it quite briefly in your previous messages, and I am just wondering if you can elaborate more and explain more of how you achieved your goal. 

    Like writing more about how you started out, what your daily routines are, any difficulties along the way, when you first had your success, what happened next...

    Thanks a lot 

  • did you happen to take any pictures? just body of course. I ask because i feel like everyone who shared their pictures on here never had shared their height progress pictures and growing is one of the hardest and some of us been here for many years. Just asking hoping thans

  • how tall are you rizhe?

    You dont really have to forget it all but you can feel like you are inch taller and still desire more. Like if you are 5'2 , then feel like you're 5'3 but keep on reaching for 5'7 or whatever your desire height is. You can even question it saying, hmm why am i 5'3 Id like to be 5'7..get it )

  • Great job!!!! I always wanted to do that too because like you said it is easier to believe and hard for people to reject that, but for some reason I cannot get my desired height out of my head because I guess I have had it for so long. Really happy for your results!!!!

  • I just want to ask what i ask to everyone that grew taller. What your parents, friends and people around you said about it?

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