Smaller Increments

Like many, I have wanted to be taller.  I had the same problem that many do which was how can I visualize my desired height when I'm constantly provided feedback that I'm not that height.  I decided to try breaking up my desire to be taller into smaller increments.  For example, I was 5'9", and I wanted to be 6'4".  Instead I focused on just the next inch or half inch.  For me, that cut through my inability to believe I was taller.  It is a lot easier to believe that you're an inch taller than several inches taller.  And then your body is that tall.

This might not have been the fastest way to get taller, but it worked for me.  Over the last year and a half I grew to 6'4" like I wanted.  I was able to believe I was that much taller and each time more height manifested in my body.

I hope this can help those of you who are seeking to be taller.

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  • By contrast, am I right that you mean the contrast of being one height when acting like I'm another?  I'm assuming that is what you mean.  This is why breaking it down into smaller increments helps.  If I tried straight for 6'4" at 5'9" I would be running into situation after situation where it was clear I was still 5'9".  But instead, 5'10" doesn't have most of those problems since it is only an inch away.  You can explain away any remaining situations due to the small amount.  That also means less bad days since you can't lose what you already gained.

    Also, each inch (of half inch or whatever amount you use) becomes an accomplishment.  Every additional inch becomes that much easier since you know you have already grown.  If there is a setback, you always have to inches you have already grown.

    I wouldn't call this a "meditative practice" or a "daily ritual", but as I grew I would think about how I was wearing larger clothes, particularly once I was in the tall sizes, or how I made it past 6 feet (once I did).  For all intents and purposes, those sorts of things are just simple acceptance.

  • Very good :):)

  • incredile, can you tell us how you dealt with daily challenges? Like facing contrast? having bad days etc .also any meditative practices or daily rituals to make yourself feel and be more alligned? thanks

  • great!!!

  • I simply made the intention and let it go.  Before I broke this down into small increments, I was visualizing myself at 6'4" and got absolutely nowhere.  The problem with visualizing yourself several inches taller, in my opinion, is that there are too many possibilities for feedback that convinces you that you aren't that tall.  That's why it's good to break down your growth into inch or half inch increments since it becomes more difficult to receive that feedback.  At that point visualization is not necessary, in my opinion.

  • Yes, I'm 6'4" now.  (If you want to get super accurate, I'm a small fraction of an inch over 6'4" but that's barely worth mentioning.)  I was 22 when I started.  I'm 23 now and will be 24 in a few months.

    Being 6'4' is amazing.  Unless you have a particular attachment to 6'2", I would recommend growing to 6'4" instead.

  • Hello ToweringPaul,

    Congratulations on your success! What you've accomplished is truly remarkable!

    As I am looking to grow around 3-4 inches myself, I was wondering what process you followed during this time period. Were you visualizing that you were already an inch or so taller (sort of like acting as-if), or simply made the intention to grow that much and let it go?

    Thank you.

  • So you're 6'4" now? Damn, that's awesome man. I'm roughly 1.80m (5'10) and want to be 1.87m (6'2). How old were you when you started and how old are you now?

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