So many Successes!!!

So I've been interested in changing my appearance for a little over a year and wow I've had successes in so many areas of my life! So before everyone asks what I did, Here's a list:

-Cell talk--didn't work


-The Feelings Method (credit to Johanna)--Worked better than anything wow

-Made my own method which I called my Picture method. I'll explain this down below. Worked for me

So far I've changed:

-Waist size and flattened my stomach

-breast size (32C to a 32DD aka a 32E, sometimes a 32DDD aka 32F)

-hair type (straight to curly)

-hair color (added some auburn highlights to my brown hair naturally)

-eye color (brown to hazel)

-hips/butt/thighs area

-Guitar abilities

-singing ( I went from being tone deaf, kid you not, to now sounding like Amy Lee from Evanescence)

-And still working on my skin, where I have a lot of negative emotions which is ok, I know I'll get there

So For anyone who thinks its impossible, It really isn't. you MUST love yourself. What you resist, persists. So if you're negative and resisting the fact that you don't have your perfect body, you won't give it the love it needs to change.

For singing: I would lip sync all the songs I listen to, a lot of rock, metal, and alternative (and country and bluegrasss, but anyway), and though I wanted a harsher voice more suited for rock, most girls in rock have a beautiful voice and I found that with a little practice and adjusting my pitch I was able to sound like Amy Lee, a singer i have always loved.

For guitar: I would always air guitar solos I didn't even know how to play, I would just pretend. I would listen to my favorite songs and pretend it was me on stage playing those crushingly fast solos in front of a huge cheering crowd. And when it came time to actually sit down and learn a song, I grasped and remembered it way faster than I had before. Doing this very often now, I find myself having not only better guitar skills but I can also pick out chords while i hear a song; ex, I can hear a song and go, "Oh I know that's E minor. That's a G chord" and I've never had musical training which is where most people learn stuff like that.

For my body: I used Johanna's The Feelings Method that's on this site. It worked so well since it gets rid of those underlying emotions that can possibly be preventing you from getting your desires. I visualized a lot and used little things in life to help me, such as, if like my breasts got sore i wouldn't say "Oh probably just PMS" I'd say "Gosh they always hurt when they grow" and it became true!! I also used what I called the Picture method in conjuncture with the Feelings Method. It worked incredibly. THAT was my 'Inspired Action'


Using Johanna's The Feelings Method, I wrote lines such as "I want to feel like looking at pictures of my desires will bring them to me" "I want to feel like looking at pictures of my perfect body will make it mine" Now I did this a lot and also addressed each part and the feelings I had surrounding it. You MUST read her TFM posts on here to really get it. Then I would find saved pictures of what I wanted and would look at them. It's worked for every body part of mine! Plus other things. If need be I can write more on it, if anyone wants, but that is for the most part what i did. 

I hope this helped someone or gave someone even a little more faith, because it IS possible!

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  • I never did since it didn't work well with me. Search around this forum and you can find answers :)

  • I have a neighbor who's been bullying me every day, telling me he will use LOA for him to grow taller and look like a model. Sadly he's 15 and the time it takes to change cannot be predicted due to the fact that we'll never know just when we'll manifest the changes we want. 

    He's such a bully. Sadly he doesn't deserve to grow taller and attract the good things in his life because he'll keep thinking of me whenever he tries to visualize. 

    Anyway, congrats to your success. 

  • Do we need to talk to our cells regularly?
  • hey ! can anyone tell me how to use cell talking method ?
  • Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful success:) Congrats dear:) Loved the way you've explained this:)

    Keep smiling always:)

    • Thank you QueenNicki ! :)

  • How does one remove doubts and reistance?

  • This is awesome, congratulation on you successes, thanks for sharing this. One question, where can I read the "Johanna techniques"?  

  • omg that's amazing!! I'm so happy for you! And i know exactly what you mean, My goal is to have more reddish brown hair and the other day, a girl I see every day, looks at me and asks, "Did you dye your hair? It looks redder than normal!" I didn't dye it! Its naturally getting redder! 

    I'm glad my story helped :) that's why it's here! Keep me updated on how you're doing! It'll only get better, You WILL get your desired look!

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