Sometimes I think like, it seems to be impossible...

Hello Everyone!!

Well, I've never done a post on this forum, I've only commented a few times, (PLEASE, FORGIVE MY ENGLISH, IT'S NOT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE, SO...)

I discovered this forum like a few months ago, and it is incredible, i love to read all the wonderful tips, techniques, etc, amazing people...and OMG, I really want to change my physical appearance, i really do, people say, "oh, your're pretty, you this or that blah blah" but, that's not enough for me. I don't want to be prettier to anyone, but for me, i really think that's the most important is what do you feel, not what other thinks of you, but how do you feel, it's not if somebody think you're beautiful, it's about if YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL?!...Today, I read my horoscope and, i really got very disappointed about what it said, I've been very down these last days, and reading that horoscope today was like>> O.O what?? OMG noo, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT...Well, this is what is says...

"Today you will be aware that there are goals that you have are not viable, and if you insist on that road and go against nature, circumstances today may come to challenge you very significantly. If you take too long on a path that is not for you, today life will show clearly that you must stop immediately if you do not want to have serious consequences, and you better accept it well and start thinking really viable targets. If today you get closer emotionally to a person who does not suit you can create you many problems"

That means like I can not reach my goals ?.? (the most important goal for me have been change my appearance so I can have better self-esteem and self-confidence)...

What do you think about this?

Oh, I have tried cell talking, meditation, self hypnosis, visualizations, Etc, Etc...BUT nothing, I don't know, maybe is my negative energy about my situation on this, don't know...Please help!!

THANK YOU for taking the time to read me...I don't talk about this with ANYONE, so, I really do need to..well, thank you!

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  • Wow, that's nice, I want to start seeing changes as well...I will believe in the power that "I can"...I hope you to get all your changes done! (Please excuse my english) *.*

  • Ligaya Nunez- Thanks! Well, I have to say that i rarely at my horoscope, it's very very're right I should just stop being too attached to the outcome!!

    Just- Thanks for your reply, well as I said I RARELY look at the horoscope, the day I read that horoscope i already been felt very discourage from days ago..BUT I will do whatever I can to change my mind set and reach my goals!

    Thanks all for your replies! ^.^ 

  • To make physical changes, you have to accept the idea that you are a creator of your, you are sad because of the means you do not believe that you are a are still depend on outside world...horoscope is cannot expect to make changes with such mindset...

  • Thanks Zero, it's just that it's not that easy to change from the inside out, I think is the negative thoughts that make it harder!

  • Hmm...I think humans are interesting in that whatever is inside you will be reflected in the mirror, but sometimes the thoughts you're thinking may not be visible to anyone else. I guess what we're trying to do is change from the inside out, not the outside in. Every method only reflects that our thoughts and beliefs must change before the outside can...I dunno, I get pissed off too sometimes. Don't give up though!

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