Sounds like a bulletproof "method" to me!

Last week I asked my spirit guides during meditation to guide me through the easiest way to manifest bodily changes. I slowly started realizing stuff, and yesterday everything suddenly clicked for me (I have no doubt my prayers were answered!)

First, I realized the famous act as if method is just a tool not meant for everyone because it makes us so attached to the outcome, and that you don't necessarily have to look in the mirror! In fact, don't look at all or ignore/don't give a f about what's in there! Why would you pay minimal attention to something you no longer represent on a vibrational level?? Same with your thoughts!!! You don't have to deny/replace them every time your old body comes to mind!!! Just ignore them and say I don't care! It's like ignoring the pieces of what used to be, and allowing that new mental image to come to life! Can you imagine replacing your thoughts every time?? That would be exhausting and would be like trying to take control of your manifestation when that's not your job! Although it IS your job to be aware every time your mind goes into negative thinking about whatever, so you don't get dragged down by it! Do you understand the difference? Mental images of your old body is like looking into a mirror, you feel neutral about it/ignore it! Positive/negative thinking is what aligns you with your desired reality! Because THAT is the fuel you need to be a vibrational match! Feeling good and becoming a match is your ONLY job!!! But understand you don't need to feel happy all the time, I'm just saying don't fall into negative cycles and let happiness and relaxation flow naurally to you. It's all about flowing, you don't force anything. And here goes the second part..

Second, If all you need to manifest your desires is to be a vibrational match, why would you need to be reminding the universe every single time of what you want? (when thinking, NO, I'm not this, I'm this!!) The universe knows EXACTLY what you desire in perfect detail (if you are not clear on what you want then you need to work on that) Do you know exactly how you want your body to be? As I've read, this is extremely powerful as it is just ready to go from the invisible to visible! 

Now, how would YOU feel once you have it? If all those body changes will make you feel confident, generally happy about life and more social, then practice those feelings! You don't need to brainwash yourself to make you believe you're a certain way, believing you can do it and aligning is ENOUGH! When practicing those feelings, don't think you're feeling that way about your old body, you're already ignoring that! Just recreate those feelings without having a mental image! Think about it, if you really had what you want you wouldn't be saying every time "I have the body I want!" NO! You would be just generally happy and confident! This is being a vibrational match! That's why other things we've manifested without putting much attention have felt so efortless. If you feel manifesting is hard, you're doing it wrong! The only difficult part in my opinion is getting rid of deep rooted beliefs and "big" blocks, which is actually a stage before manifestation! 

Third, I'm pretty sure this is optional, but you can practice the feeling of having what you desire when you feel good, just ocassionally, when you feel like it. Maybe just picture in your mind what you want and feel how great it is to be that person, say it confidently with no doubt in mind. It's the feeling that matters, not the mental image. Visualization during a meditative state plays a role here too.

Yesterday I applied this for the first time and i felt incredibly CALM! And just generally happy. I felt sooo relaxed I cannot express it! I went through several pages on this group yesterday and found several stories that were basically what I explained! Manifesting deliberately shouldn't be hard!

I'd love to hear about what you think!

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  • Was waiting for an update :) ..question though, how did you get to the point of having that unconditional love for yourself?I do love myself but it's so easy to get frustrated because of lack, not only physically (which I'm starting to care less of) but in general.i know you said we should feel the feelings of what we want as if it's already here but it's not that easy.

  • Hello! I thought I might post an update on this. I've learned a lot more and things make much more sense to me now. I haven't seen any noticeable or dramatic changes on myself, but that's because my priority has been on solving some issues I've been carrying for a long time, and I know my body is beyond grateful for it cause I feel authentic love for myself, not just going around faking love and repressing my fears and choosing to ignore them. I stand 100% by this post, but I also want to add that (unless you have magnificent focus and emotion control) your happiness should not depend on your manifestation in order to ACTUALLY manifest it, you need to find things that put you in that joyful vibration, and FEEL the end result emotions because you WANT to feel like that, not because you want to manifest. The past two weeks I've felt intense cellular activity since realizing this, meaning I feel my facial features adjusting a looot during the day (rather than just once a day like when everything I did was oriented to manifesting)

    But there have been some obvious changes in my life, compliments literally rain from everywhere and my own friends have confessed they truly admire my attractiveness, something that never happened in the past, but now that I stop and think about it, it's incredible. It's crazy how people's thoughts and opinions can change from one moment to another as if they were brainwashed and didn't remember their old way of thinking at all! This is how powerful our thoughts about ourselves are! Among other things, I look great in pictures and look like the type of person I desire to become, and it's intriguing how these pictures compliment a lot everything I desire to change! Allow yourself to be shocked by how marvelous and dreamy life can be, because you can have exactly what you desire and be that magnetizing person!

  • Wonderful post.

  • "Fake it till you make it!"

    I mean we even pretend to be asleep before we fall asleep so that saying is really true! 

    And its even more true for LOA and body changes! So happy that more people are realizing this. It took me a LONG time to come to terms with this, but once you work on it like this, everything falls into place!

  • Yes a really useful post! Love!
  • Thank you fairytale. I still stand by this firmly as each day I'm experiencing it and getting more and more convinced it's all about the way we feel about ourselves, and not who we think we are. It's useless to say or fake you're something when deep inside you know you're not. 

    Yesterday I had this experience I had a long time without having. There's a certain part of my body which is visible to anyone and they find it ugly/disgusting/weird and they do not conceal their opinions, at all. This particular situation has made me feel really bad about it and insecure throughout the years. I've felt faulty and shitty, helpless and miserable. But yesterday I thought in my mind... so? this particular part of my body IS part of my amazing body. I do not see it as me, but as a part of me, a part of a great persevering team. And at the same time, I feel and believe my body is perfect and that it's the way I want it to be (without having an image in mind, I just have fun feeling beautiful blindly) so that comment was like a contradictory thought passing by and I just ignored it. We all have free will, it's up to us how we react, it's up to us to feel helpless and get dragged down or ignore and move on. We are all used to the first one because it feels so easy, we're addicted to it. We need to get out of our own way and strive for change, not physically but emotionally. 

  • Climber101 you're spot on! i wanted to add a discussion explaining exactly this but i didn't know how to word it, you did an excellent job :)

    I also wanted to post my success but i didn't due to a few reasons including jealous people who don't want to believe those of us who have successfully made changes so they keep asking for proof (even when they do get proof they still find something wrong with it) and also because iv'e done what i joined PI for so i don't really find myself coming here that much anymore.

    I think the people who end up successful are those who stop continually reading OTHER peoples successes and stop worrying about which method "works" because other peoples successes might give you hope but that will fade and all you end up doing is looking for more encouraging posts..for the rest of your journey and its not about the method its about the end feeling.

  • ...................THIS. IS. WHAT. I. NEEDED. TO. HEAR!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Hi H, reading this comment makes me happy and hopeful,
    Can you please share your story with us, please?
    Just if you want, it's not my intention to bother you :)
    I'm very interested and I think that would help so many people on this group.
    • Hi, 

      I am so sorry, I just read this. I will share my story soon yes :) 

      And for anyone who is reading this, you can change your physical appearance. You've got to let go of this old idea of yourself and just stay faithful to the new 'feeling'. 

      Must reads: 

      Neville Goddard (anything) 

      Dr Joe Dispenza - all 3 books, and his youtube channel. This is the science on how to change your genes basically, and he himself fully recovered using this method from paralysis without any surgery. He focuses on health, but its the same for physical appearance. 

      Both these teachers teach us to 'walk in the shoes' of our newfound/ideal/best self. 

      This is fundamentally how you become that which you desire, is by creating your reality on the inside, the feelings and the tones of this new reality, in the HERE AND NOW (so living it now, the feeling, the essence) and within that is complete detachment from any idea of yourself BUT this new one. 

      Its the ultimate self sacrifice. Are you willing to let go of you, to become the new you? 

      Or, are you willing to 'die' in order to resurrect as your best self?

      And please, everyone, do not be so strained in your head, in your minds. This is all feeling, it's very relaxed. Once you nail it, you will know what I mean. 

      I will write my story soon. 

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