Specific or just say "I'm attractive"?

Can you say "I'm attractive" without knowing or "labeling" exactly what parts you want to change? Or do you have to be specific and say something like, "I want a square jaw"?Can't I just say "I'm attractive" and have my subconscious figure out what I find to be an attractive look and base the results upon my subconscious' idea of attractive?

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  • Not if know what want. Like I don't list all changes when visualize, I just see self. Like if u want 30 plus changes, thts a crazy long list. But if u really care on wording, you might as well say ideal body vs attractive. And honestly universe doesn't speak ppl speak. Do wht works for you, I'm going to simplify as much as possible
  • I think feel and see top speech or mental verbal. You are what identify as. Yes there's diff meaning of attractive. I'm not bashing, but why do we all want to change looks? My pint is its a feeling and inwardly you know what you are. Also looks are a what not a who. Ego personality hard as is to seperate is still mostly a what
  • I appreciate the reply thank you!

    Gah I can't find the right wording to make me "feel" good if that makes sense... I can't find the right word or phrase to make it feel genuine and as though it's really happening. 

  • Hmm... this is an interesting question. Although my answer may not be too helpful, here's my take on it:

    Posing yourself as attractive to both yourself and the universe would likely make you more of a magnet than the appearance you desire. If you feel attractive, people, in turn, feel attracted to you - just being the way you are currently. I may try, "I have my desired face and body" to let the universe know exactly what you're looking for: a change in appearance, not the feeling of being attractive.

    Sorry if this doesn't make much sense lol. But as long as you have an idea of what you consider "attractive" then your subconscious could have a pretty good idea of it. Sometimes it's not being specific, but just the general air of something. Once when I attempted to change my appearance but wasn't sure what to change [first], I just thought about being and felt pretty. I also noticed I looked better in my reflection and was quite shocked.

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