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     I’m brand new to this forum, but I am not new to the idea of the Law of Attraction.  I’m fairly young but over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time researching ways to change my life and my appearance.  I believe that maintaining a good attitude and being hopeful has allowed me to stumble upon many solutions or treatments to many physical ailments, via the Law of Attraction.  You see, I believe that in order to affect physical change, we need to change our beliefs.  For many of us, this possibility is extremely difficult to accept by simply visualizing and meditating on the idea- when we keep our thoughts in our own heads, it’s harder to accept the possibility of them coming to our physical reality. 

     My theory is that if we all add some sort of physical component (some sort of therapy that we can more easily accept as effective), it acts as a sort of “gateway drug” so that we can more easily open our minds to the possibility of change, and therefore affect change more easily.  Here’s a quick example: Say John wants to improve his eyesight, and maybe he eats more foods known to improve eyesight as well as continuing his personal LOA mantras...

     I have compiled a list of mechanical therapies, that I believe when used in conjunction with the visualizations of the law of attraction, can help bring you to a greater place of believing and produce significant results.  I have compiled a master document of all these and if you have time, I think you should take a look.  Please note that the therapies I’ve included are meant to have permanent, long-lasting, and/or cumulative effects.  A lot of the evidence is anecdotal, and has not been tested so keep that in mind.  Everyone is different, so the same things may not work for everyone.  Nonetheless, I think it might be worth your time to look.  

     Being a woman, I admit this document has some bias to women-oriented issues (bigger breasts, bigger lips, etc…) as opposed to those faced by men.  I’ll also admit, I’ve been very lax in trying several of these therapies, as my life has been very busy these past years.  However, I am joining this community and giving out my research to not only positively affect the world but to revitalize both the ambitions of others and myself.  Thanks for reading, and as I hope I have been a help to you all.  Feel free to post any questions, or PM me.  :)

Love and Light,


Master Document


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  • whats the supplement pls!!

    • hmmm msm is for all that you mentioned earlier ..i mean for all that changes ..it shows only for joints !!

      do post the results pls...all the best

  • Emily what is the supplement and where do you get it from?
    • I think she's talking about msm :) you can get it on amazon

  • You're very welcome dear! I appreciate the feedback!  Please update me on your results when you get the chance!  I'd love to hear!

  • Thanks, Jamie!  Please let me know how your results go!  I'd love to hear.  :)

  • This looks amazing! I will check the document out and see what I can find, thank you!

  • Emily, your technique/method is so cool :) It will definitely work ;D 

    • Nothing is a tall order when you believe, Emily!  Good luck and please let me know how your journey goes!

  • Thank you so much! I sure will read it :D

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