Stretch marks

Hey guys, 

it feels quite difficult to start this but I really need someone to talk to. 

I have a lot of stretch marks and i know a lot of people say it and in reality theirs are not that bad. Well, mine are. They are almost everywhere my calves, knees, thighs, butt. I grew up too fast i'm not sure I  don't have an explanation. I never wear shorts, skirts, i used to love going to the beach and the summer season now I get anxious. When I see someone wearing short clothes i feel so jealous and a little angry cause they don't know what it's like to hide and feel embarrassed. Please don't tell me to just wear whatever I won't be able to do it. 

So, I've started listening to subliminals I have a lot of oils to apply on them as well, I visualize and I actually do believe it's going to happen and my stretch marks will disappear completely but not right now. I always say next summer I'll be without them and summer comes and it's the same slightly better. I've watched everything, I've read numerous articles about loa and I am very successful applying it just not with my stretch marks since i've had them for years i can't convince myself that i can make it happen. 

I want to let go and trust the Universe. I'm just scared nothing will change. I know I contradict myself a lot, it's a constant battle. I would appreciate if you have any advice for me. 


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  • Hey allegro. have your results carried on?

    I really need some help with this.

  • Guys, I just wanted to give you an update since I've started this thread I've made huge progress. It's crazy. Everyday I look at them and they're disappearing so fast. I do a couple of things on a regular basis and there is hope and you can do it. You just have to believe in yourself. I'm going to share everything I do. 

    1. I listen to subliminals. I listen to 5 or 6 for stretch marks and a couple of boosters. 
    2. I've started doing the Abraham "Wouldn't it be nice to.. " process. Basically, I say wouldn't it be nice if I had perfect skin. Wouldn't it be nice if the stretch marks disappeared instantly and then I reassure myself how nice it would be. How great I would feel. 
    3. I'm also doing the 68 seconds of thought I'm not sure how it's called. It's by Abraham again. I use a timer on my phone and for 68 seconds I only think about my skin. How beautiful it is, how I believe it can regenerate faster.
    4. Then I give up. I say I give up and I'm trusting the Universe is delivering. There is nothing more than I can do. And I try to be positive all the time. When I'm out and I see girls with skirts or dresses I admire them. I shop for short clothes and I wear them at home while also admiring my skin.
    5. Sometimes I do EFT to release any blocks I have and allow the manifestation to unfold itself.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I'd love to help. 

  • Hey H, I felt exactly the same way for years. Only recently I started shifting my thoughts. I used to hate looking at them. 

    I found a really great post

    It's a new moon ritual but I think it can be done whenever you feel the need to. The ritual is a way to communicate with your body. I did it yesterday and I've had some great revelations. 

  • Eternity, 

    thanks so much. Seeing that someone was successful is making me believe I can do it too. 

  • Giiiirrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllll, can I just say. I have them in the exact.same.places. And f loads of them. I got them from growing upwards, and then outwards and back a few times - nothing even major. I'm really slim, but I was anorexic at one point. I've also had two freaking stretch mark from them. ONE. But my legs, hips and butt are a horror story. I've had so many panic attacks about them and theyre the one thing on my body that never improves with LOA, but its also the only thing I seem to panic about... I don't panic about changing my face etc. I have spent so much money on oils and I have an absolutely incredible diet and take every supplement under the sun. But I have come to terms with them recently, because I have tried to detach and know that if I saw them on someone else I would never think they were ugly. Just interesting. And kind of beautiful. In doing so I've stopped working against myself always trying to fix something, and i've gone back to basics. I use just one natural oil mix (Evolve skincare), Bio Oil, and a natural Palmers coconut oil lotion for a cream after the oils. I do this at night, in the morning it's my gradual tanner. So that's it. I'm so exhausted I don't even care (kind of). I would use this on my skin even if I didn't have stretch marks - and if we're using LOA I think this is key. 

    To be honest, I've never put any real effort into letting them disappear, because I have had so much resistance towards them that I only take 10 steps back as I would 'see' them getting worse - I have no idea if they are or not, and I'm not going to entertain myself here.  But you know what, your post has made me think maybe I need to try this out, really focus on being the person with no stretch marks because if I get somewhere I can help anyone reading these comments. 

    I love what Eternity posted, I have also read it on the forum as it was posted. There was also another girl somewhere on the main forum here who said all her stretch marks had disappeared. It took her 3 months, but they only disappeared when she went from 'they are going to go' to 'they have gone'. But I can NEVER find it again! If anyone can help here that would be great? 

    Also, somebody on the Abe forums also posted about having made disappear all of her stretch marks on her stomach by aligning with the version of herself with perfect skin. 

  • There is a also Cool beam Laser that vanishes stretch marks completely. It is expensive but you can save up for it. Go to Dr Simon Ourian's instagram page, he uses it all the time. He is Kim kardashians doctor, so if you ever wondered how these stars never end up with stretch marks , they use laser.

  • Hey, you can heal your stretch marks with Micro Needling or by using a Derma Roller in combination with Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

  • Hey, you reminded me of a post I saw a long time ago about someone manifesting their stretch marks away. Here's a link to the reply and I'll copy / paste the post itself:

    "It is definitely your belief system.

    It's a general wide spread belief that stretch marks are a permanent scar. They COVERED my stomach and thighs! I hated it so much.

    Well after studying and learning about the law of attraction, they are just about completely gone after about 2 months. There isn't even any stretch mark treatments that can guarantee you those kinds of results, and I had one bad case of stretch marks.

    No lotions, oils, scrubs, anything. I just believed they would dissappear. I did absolutely nothing about them. I ignored them, pretended they weren't even there.

    Poof! All gone!

    You're only required that action if you believe you have to take action, there are no rules =)"

  • which method ?

  • I have just started a new method for stretch marks. If it works, I will let you know.

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