Subconscious Mind and Beliefs

Hi everyone, 

I'm a new member on PI and part of the Changing Appearance groups.

So as I am browsing through the threads, I am seeing a lot about changing your beliefs, visualization, and acting-as-if-the-feature-already-changed.

Everything I've read about manifesting physical changes goes back to beliefs. I have done research before and many have said that beliefs lie in our subconscious mind. 

Logically speaking, we just have to speak to our subconscious mind in order to change our beliefs right? So the question is, how are we suppose to impose these beliefs and "realities" on the subconscious mind?

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  • You can use hypnosis, meditation and visualization.

    I just started doing a self-hypnosis by Erick Browne. He has so many to choose from. You could always check them out and see if they help you.

    I also enjoyed "The Power of your Subconscious Mind". Great book!

  • Menrva, can you explain a little bit how cell talking works and how you do it? And are there any good books about it? thanks :)

  • @Lydia - you are right about the first part. Changing the beliefs in your subconscious changes your reality and that includes physical changes.
    As for time, no it doesn't have to take a long time. How much weight is safe to lose ? Or possible to lose for a person in two weeks? About 3-4 lbs max? I even have a healthy weight, so weight loss should have been extra harder and longer for me, because people say "the thinner you are the harder the weight loss". Ummm WRONG. I'm thin and I still lost weight, 7.7 lbs in two weeks to be exact. Didn't take it long.
    It all boils down to your beliefs. If you believe it's going to take long, it will.
    I started cell talking and visualizing my blue eyes, and within a few days an outer rim of grey-blue color formed on my eyes.
  • I completely agree with energy zone. Yes I have tried it with physical changes, I lost 7.7 pounds in a little over two weeks - no effort at all :))
    • Let's reference back to Natalie (remember her and her physical changes?), she said that one would be able to change their physical appearance by changing the belief, right? and beliefs lie in the subconscious mind. So if we change the subconscious mind to believing that our noses (for example) looks a certain way, then eventually the physical reality would look a certain way, right? 

      So it should take time for the physical to change?

  • have you ever tried it with physical changes? the reason i'm asking is because I feel like physical changes do take a while to show, is that in your case too?

  • @Lydia - yes, you can try it with any affirmation you like. Absolutely anything, physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, you name it :))
    And you're most welcome :)
  • Hi Menrva, thank you for the link! I definitely tried it and i feel more relaxed, but the example affirmation we used was "I am peace." If I wanted to manifest physical changes, does this still work? So instead of "I am peace." I say "I have a ___ (feature)"?

  • Check this video out:


    She applies concepts of the "psych-k" method to reprogramme the subconscious mind.


    Good luck! :)


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