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 Lately I've been getting frustrated by the lack of any consolidated information regarding subliminal audios on the internet. I myself have had successes with (slowly) changing my hair color from black to red over the past 5 or so months with Youtube audios, so i know its not bologna, but the majority of the internet is too busy being skeptical for any real regimens, results, or questions to be exchanged for enthusiasts like myself to gather more data.

If anyone has any leads on where people are sharing their secrets besides here, id be more than grateful for the helping hand. If nothing else feel free to ask about what i might know regarding my experiences, or feel free to share any nuggets of wisdom you may have and we can get the ball rolling.


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  • Ah thats excellent! I'll check out that app asap, it sounds like it could be a veritable Shangri La for my needs.

    Yes I am familiar with the infamous Mind Power rumors. I personally wouldnt use her subs since the whole thing gives me negative vibes which doesnt help the whole process, whether theyre false or not. But perhaps I'll check the group out anyway.

    Thank you so much for the recommendations, and likewise feel free to send me a message.

  • Ive been using serendipitous subliminals, the ginger audio in particular. They have one for hazel green eyes, I haven't tried it but i say give it a shot. You can hear some of the affirmations in this channels videos but that hasnt kept me from seeing results. As for height growth matrixplay99 has some, I like that channel too. 

    Thank you! And good luck to you as well!

    • Thanks! I was using Serend for like 2 months but no results so I took a break from subs I just recently got back into it but dk what to use so I'm just using quad integ for height since it seems popular. I needa be more consistent :\ Also I'll try the hazel eyes again but first priority for me atm is height xD if you know/have a good playlist that people have HAD result with lmk :P

      mb for responding so late!

  • Yes! I understand you really well on this matter, and - I have something that will perhaps cheer you up!

    Download an app called Amino (I know for a fact it's available for android devices, but there are ways to get it otherwise, with emulators and similar things if nothing else), and after you get yourself familiar with it, join a group called Subliminal Users Amino. In it, it's mostly really young people who ask basically the same questions over and over, with few rare exceptions. 

    Those rare exceptions are worth searching for though, and they include - really great posts with tips and tricks, RESULTS in picture form (I've seen someone posting a picture of their nose before and after, and the change is amazing, but you'd have to dig really deep to reach that one), and posts giving you great resources. 

    It's really active, with new people constantly joining, so the chances of seeing more genuine results are only increasing.

    Aside from that, there's always Mind Power's Official Facebook Discussion Group, where you get people posting genuine results every so often. But if you've been in the whole subliminal scene for a while now, I'm sure you encountered all the drama regarding Mind Power. I won't say I agree with it, but it's up to you to decide. 

    That's pretty much it, but if you'd like to talk more about this and go more in depth, I'd prefer we do so via pm. 

  • :O which channels did you use? I'm trying to grow taller and change my eye color from brown to hazel green. Idk which channels are good for these typa things so I'm having trouble sticking to one :\

    + congrats on results!

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