Subliminals Channel!

Hey guys!!

So I decided to start a Subliminals channel on youtube (I put the link below) and I'd love for people to give em a go! I have tried them out on myself and I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but I've noticed changes! Even if they are a placebo, we all know that placebos work even when your brain knows its one. So anyways, if anyone is curious, I am taking requests and have a slew up already! Check it out if you like :D

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  • Ouhh, cool! :D  I want to make my own subliminals but I'm not sure how to go about writing the affirmations.  I'm so particular about ambient noise and music (and affirmations!) that I really have to make my own, hee.  Do you know any affirmation tutorials and also, what volume level should the subliminal layer be?

  • Good luck! Hope you get results :)

  • I do have a lighten skin one that you can use for the time being! (i apologize, i have other requests ahead of yours and college is sorta kickin my butt in terms of how much free time i have.) And if you start to see the results, just use it till you get the color you want :) I can definitely make a combo one tho like you asked and one for the hair is one i should make regardless! The only issue with uploading a 6 hour video is that it would take about 10-12 hours just to upload it! The 10 minute long ones take about 25 minutes to upload.. :/ Im sorry for that. I can recommend that you loop the video, as thats what I do.

    • That's absolutely okay thank you very very much!!
    • You're welcome! I'll do my best to make that one when possible though!
    • Are you worried about being busy or are you more excited about actually getting all of those things done.

    • Neither really. It's just things I have to do. I don't feel bad about them. I like being kept busy so I'd say I'm more excited about it.
    • Awesome

    • look up win wenger, teaches a whole bunch of accelerated learning techniques that make learning easy and fun.  Should help with school and how much time you have.

    • It's not learning that takes up time, I'm a VERY fast learner. It's more like I have to write a ten page paper and do 200 math problems and get in contact with the school I'm transferring to, and also get a job. I just don't have a life anymore lmao
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