Subliminals Channel!

Hey guys!!

So I decided to start a Subliminals channel on youtube (I put the link below) and I'd love for people to give em a go! I have tried them out on myself and I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but I've noticed changes! Even if they are a placebo, we all know that placebos work even when your brain knows its one. So anyways, if anyone is curious, I am taking requests and have a slew up already! Check it out if you like :D

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    • Experts recommend listening to only one subject at a time till you see results. So If you're listening to one for eye color change, stick to that before listening to one for losing weight. They're more powerful when singled out.

  • Just wondering if theres a limit to how many subliminals someone can listen to each day? I am listening to a few right now but I also want to try yours....
  • Yes of course! I'll add it to my list! I'm so glad youll be listening to mine! Aah I feel so special lol let me know if you notice any results or if you have any issues with them
  • Absolutely! I was thinking of that one.. I have a few requests to finish and hopefully I can get them up soon but then I will definitely put that one up! I'm glad you like them :)

    • Aww, thanks a million, Maya! You're kind! :)
      I've been listening to weight loss one. Shall keep you posted!
    • I'm excited to hear about your results! If 2 weeks pass and there aren't any results (or you gained weight heaven forbid) let me know and I'll fix it and reupload to make sure they work!
    • Haha! I already feel a lot lighter and sexier. It's somehow easier for me to imagine myself lighter, to really feel how I'd carry myself, to feel the way I'd move, to look down at my body in my mind's eye and see my flat stomach. I love it so far!

      I was wondering though, would you happen to have a list of the specific affirmations you used to create the subliminals? I thought it might be a good idea to post them in the video description so people can read through and mentally be primed with those suggestions. Thanks, Maya!
    • Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling things!

      That;s a great Idea actually. Some of the affirmations are: I lose weught easily and effortlessly, I love my body, My body is perfect, I am thin, etc

  • I liked them! Just tried a couple. They're very relaxing. Thank you, Maya!

    I was wondering if you could put up something for career-related success, and job-hunting. I know it has nothing to do with physical change, but would gladly appreciate any help in this department!
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