I think I'm finally getting some success! I've been listening to subliminals for breast growth for a while now, and while that may have been slowly working, I recently started meditating and doing yoga nidra before bed and I think the growth has finally swung into action. I haven't taken any photos yet or measured but I will tomorrow and post. I think this just goes to show that it's a combination of things that will get you results, like you can't just rely on subliminals on their own, you have to do some of the work yourself. I will no longer resist meditating! 

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  • congratulations Moonmama.

  • Would you mind sharing a link to that website?
    I’d like to check it out.
  • Inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Please continue to share as you learn more.
  • I've been using Indigo mindless. I'm on the second stage out of five stages. you're supposed to take 6 weeks in one stage but often times i'll be out of town and miss a night or two or three so i've been doing more like 3 months in each stage and then asking my pendulum if I'm ready for the next one. I think I'm about ready for stage 3 so I'm going to ask my pendulum soon.

  • Well congratulations! What subliminal channel you used? 

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