success and its only the start!!!woohooooooooo

Hello all,

i was reading and reading and reading all ur posts in this group and i found them so easy,Guiding Ray

i wanna thank you again cause ur posts are so easy to understand for me (cause my english arent very good ) but u write it so easy to understand!!!thank you!!!!!!!

The last 2 days i was visualizing my body in the weight i want it to be.I feel it ,i feel wonderful from inside with so much confident and i feel so beautiful and in two days i lost 3 kg so easy!!!!!!!!its the first time in  my all life that i m lighter with dont do any diet or exersise just by visualize myself with my ideal body right now and feel it with all my senses heart etc.

Guys thats amazing!!!i m gonna continue do that and im soooooooooooo sure soon im gonna write my success story!!!

Feel it!! Belive u have it NOW!!! Walk and be confident Now cause u have ur ideal body!!!

LOVEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUU Guiding Ray!!!!!!!!!!!

You make me feel wonderful!!!!


have a great all of you

lots of love


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  • if u read again my post u see what im doing Angie!!!

    isnt something else that i do and i dont write it here!!

    Just feel like i have my ideal body now!!!



    • Hey Sirkah, again ;) How do you maintain the feeling all the time? Do you just watch the comedies whole day long? (kidding :)

    • what u mean Chris???if i understand correct i m gonna answer u easily
      I am in the Vortex almost allday and everyday,so its so difficult to have
      negative feelings and thougts!!!
      so im happy,excited,full with love,grateful,and enjoy the NOW!!!

  • awwww Thanks so much Fairytale!!!!!!!!!! u make me happy :)

  • Sirkah you're one of the nicest sweetest people on PI so im veeeeerrrryyy happy for you and i love you so so so much!thanks for inspiring us!
  • thanks sooooooo much Shipra!!!im so happy im so grateful and so excited,
    everything is,easy for me now!!i feel so blessed!!!
    thank u all for the beautiful comments u send me :)
    love u all,and wait to read ur success stories soon!!!
    love ya
  • not emotions, FEELING plays a key role

    • Feelings... Emotions, what's the difference Karolina?

    • Emotions are like happy, angry, jelous, blah blah blah. More temporary

      Feelings are the deep rooted, identity associated thoughts, the view you have of yourself EVERY DAY.

    • AW guysssssssss im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2 more kg down!!!!!!!!!! isnt so awesome?????and without doing something special!!!!!!woohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      Since monday i lost 5 kg so easy!!!!!!! this is the fist time in my life that kg go away so easy!!!!!!!!!!!

      woooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo :))))))))

      you can do it!!!!!!!!!!! you can do it all!!!!!!

      i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love to all of u one by one!!!!



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