success and its only the start!!!woohooooooooo

Hello all,

i was reading and reading and reading all ur posts in this group and i found them so easy,Guiding Ray

i wanna thank you again cause ur posts are so easy to understand for me (cause my english arent very good ) but u write it so easy to understand!!!thank you!!!!!!!

The last 2 days i was visualizing my body in the weight i want it to be.I feel it ,i feel wonderful from inside with so much confident and i feel so beautiful and in two days i lost 3 kg so easy!!!!!!!!its the first time in  my all life that i m lighter with dont do any diet or exersise just by visualize myself with my ideal body right now and feel it with all my senses heart etc.

Guys thats amazing!!!i m gonna continue do that and im soooooooooooo sure soon im gonna write my success story!!!

Feel it!! Belive u have it NOW!!! Walk and be confident Now cause u have ur ideal body!!!

LOVEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUU Guiding Ray!!!!!!!!!!!

You make me feel wonderful!!!!


have a great all of you

lots of love


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  • BUMP!

  • Thx for this thread!! :-)
  • This has really inspires me!!
  • what an amazing story.

  • Ooh, I forgot about this thread! Thanks for bringing it back up, :).
    • i second that. its a sign for me! THANKYOU!

  • Where is the article ????
  • This is so motivational! Thank you:)
  • let's keep this going...

    • I love Loa girls , theyre so beautiful :) :) :) sorry , i loose control sometimes ...


      Hey peoples...everything works if you believe can even create some weird thechniques , and if you dont have resistance this will work...and with resistance this worked also , just with minor effects...and it can make peoples give up when they dont see ...


      Even if you pray to santa claus it will work if you believe (bad example i know , but you get the point)

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