Success changing face features!

 Hi everyone! I was here a few months ago I think, but I didn't post a lot because I was really busy. I'm still busy with tons of things, but I HAD to tell you what happened yesterday. 

A few months ago I had the urge of being more attractive. I liked how I looked, but it wasn’t my ideal me. So, in my visualizations (about all kind of desires) I visualized myself with the features I wanted to have, even if at that moment I was thinking about healing some friendship. I do the Abraham Hicks methods, so I looked at pictures of my ideal of women, I reached the feeling of having it, I acted as if I had it and I went general with the emotions about the desire, period. One day I realized I had lighter green eyes, but that was all. I stopped thinking about it. I was experiencing some huge contrast so I started working on it instead.

Yesterday I went to visit my grandparents, and they have a wall with photos of all the grandchildren. I was sitting on the sofa, looking at the wall and I stopped at my photo. It was taken about a year ago. I was looking at the photo and I looked my reflection in a window. I couldn’t believe it. Although now I gained weight, I have more sharp cheekbones, my jaw is more defined, my eyes are bigger, my hair is incredible long (and with incredible I mean it grows really fast, is something I noticed lately)and my mouth is fuller. In the past I had cleared my acne, but this was astonishing, I look like someone else! 
I would post photos, but I don't like to do that, so please, believe, it is possible! 

I think the key was forgetting about it and letting it go. Sometimes I want to hit myself against a wall because letting go has worked wonders for me, and I still asking myself “why X is not working, why I still have that or that problem?”.

Now I am going to apply the same method to weight loss and get rid of this 10 pounds once of it all!

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  • Congrats. Your post is truly inspiring!
  • Hey :)

    great stuff! really helpful!

    could you just clarify what you mean when you say you stopped thinking about it but your were experiencing some huge contrast so you started working on it instead. I am confused by what you mean?...that you stopped but started working on it?

    Thanks! :)

  • You’re describing my vision board! I also have two accounts on tumblr, one just for following fashion/beauty/luxury blogs, so the dashboard becomes a dynamic vision board. But I have a big collage with Vogue images and all kind of random stuff. And Balmain jackets. Like 10 Blamain jackets. 

  • I think it’s the same thing at the end. Letting go means to trust and let everything happen without interfering with negative thoughts and giving up is being as happy as possible with what you have and let the wanting go. But you let go of the wanting, the desire is inside you and, as long as you’re happy, good things will manifest. 

  • omg that is an awesome success story! i do find myself doing the same thing.. like i will look back at things on vision boards or whatever and my jaw will literally drop. it is about letting go. but i want to really find the fine line between letting go and just giving up and not caring you know?

  • :D 

  • awesome! thanks for sharing. This is inspiration.

  • I had the same trouble!  It took me a lot of meditating

    You have a desire, and you can’t erase a desire. You can let go of the wanting, but inside you still have the desire. When you make peace with your now, you’re allowing yourself to feel better, because you’re not fighting against your current reality. When you feel your perfection, inside yourself you know what means for you the perfect body image, so you’re allowing your body to change as your desire.

    In other words, when you feel good in your now you start to feel better and better; you can focus on other things. Doing this you “cancel” the negative emotions towards your desire, and you can stop thinking about the lack of the manifestation. Then, the manifestation happens.

    I believe another way of doing this is with a really strong desire and the completely knowing of the manifestation done.

    What we are seeking in both situations is to stop the negative thoughts and the focus on the lack of the manifestation.

    Hope this helps! 

    • Thanks for posting this! So helpful :)

      What were your most helpful Guiding Ray's posts?

      Okay so to review:

      1. You express your desire

      2. Feel good about your present reality because you know that your desired image is being attracted

      3. Forget about it

      - This is the one I didn't understand much. How do you forget a desire? Do you stay busy with other things to forget about your appearance? Do you avoid mirrors?

      I am also currently trying to do this to lose weight.


    • Hi adm07! I have more resistance losing weight, but that’s because I had a difficult relationship with food in the past and I have old beliefs and negative thoughts to clean before I can really have a real success once and for all.

      I know it’s just me vs. me, and if I wanted I could lose the 10 pounds in a short time, but  I have time and I need to make peace with me first :)

      My favourite Guiding Ray’s posts were these two:

      I think everything you need for change something is explained there, but we often keep looking and looking for a miracle, when we are the root of whatever we desire. I include myself, because even if I had some major success in different areas of my life I keep thinking I’m doing wrong my job in others, when my only job is to feel good.

      For letting go and “forget”, trust is needed. Your desire is going to be there always, because as a desire is deep inside you. Even if you say “I’m tired, I give up”, you’re not giving up the desire, you’re giving up the need, the work, the interference.

      Have you ever been looking for something, everywhere, and whatever was lost appeared just when you stopped looking for it? It’s the same, you stop giving your attention and the lack of change disappears. When you are good with yourself and eager for more you don’t feel the need of a change, you desire it, but you don’t have to be there tomorrow. And when you stop needing the change soon and fast, the change comes to you soon and fast.
      The same occurs with trust, I’ve also experimented manifestations this way. When your trust in something is pure and strong, there’s no lack of what you want, because you trust it’s on your way.

      To stop thinking about your desire is useful, because if you keep taking score and giving importance to the lack of the manifestation the process can be slow, tedious and frustrating.

      The most important step is to trust with all your heart and to allow!


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