Success FINALLY!

I finally did it I am in my perfect body!

I am now Pale, Skinny, have the facial features I want and a thigh gap!

Before I had any success, I kept on thinking any technique I did was wrong.

So what I did was completely LET GO. 

I couldn't see the body, but I knew It was there and I don't haft to do anything else.

I acted the way I would if I had my desire.

And I avoided mirrors, and then I finally Started seeing my body.

I'm naturally a skeptical person so I didn't think this would work.

   Anyways before you can Manifest anything you haft to LOVE YOURSELF.

 Thank you all!

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  • 1. That's true. Video proof is the best. I am trying to change my hand and nail shape radically and have already taken a video of the before and look forward to taking the after video :) I don't have a high def. video recorder to take a close up of my eye color so I just took a high quality pic of my brown eye color

    As far as photo proof being faked, that's also true and it's certainly possible but being required to supply photo proof would immediately decrease the amount of fake stories. Then only the very committed fakers would come on here and try to deceive people. 

    2. I believe we have a responsibility to help each other achieve our goals, that's all I can say. For me, not posting any pics and vids would be quite selfish. Everyone is free to post and not post what they want, but what's selfish is selfish imo.

    3. Also true, but I'm trying to convince the people sitting on the fence :)

    You shared with me Yif's videos in PM before and he obviously has a gift but he has a lot of faith in himself and powers and some of us need to be in a proof-based environment to get to that level of faith :)

    • Agreed, for the most part. :)

      As for helping each other achieve goals, I do agree. I am just highlighting that many don't come here with that as their main end. If they do help in one way or another, it's in passing. And, definitely, most are not here to establish rigorously the reality of this phenomena. Most things in life, for that matter, are not done in a clinical, academic, rigorous, scientific context. As you let on before, you are gunning to be a scientist, so you obviously have the trappings of the scientific mindset mentally. But, truth be told, the majority of us are regular people. ;)

      Personally, in terms of solid video proof that can be taken to the bank of actual manifestations, Joseph Pierce Farrell, Pete Cabrera (and a whole host of other Christian faith healers), and Yif, all of whom whose manifestations are instantaneous, suffice for me.

    • Technically and engineer is not "scientist" per se but I get your point ;)

      My goal actually isn't to establish LOA as a credible technique for changing things physically. That would be a benefit yes, but my main goal is to develop a method that almost guarantees that anyone can change their appearance (or health) or whatever else about their body with their mind alone. I don't want people to keep trying and trying for years and give up and only get responses like "you didn't believe enough" or whatever. I want to be able to say "do this and this and x will happen" :)

    • Sal, the various methods only serve as vehicles for the release and exercise of faith/belief.

      It's not a method or formula that works, it's the belief behind the method, which, when present, produces emotions/feelings of joy in the practitioner. Just like, it's not the car or aeroplane that actually makes themselves move, it's the fuel in said vehicles that provides the kinetic power.

      E.g. If you believe slapping yourself three times on the face will give you perfect complexion, it will happen, provided you truly believe that.

      It just so happens that one particular method, namely, visualization, is most effective in helping people to believe and thereby feel the feelings of the results they want, ceteris paribus, facilitating manifestations very effectively.

    • Very Good arguments Jonathan.

    • Of course it's all about attaining belief (although I think a large component of that is reprogramming the subconscious mind), but how to attain that belief is the really important part. Which is why some methods are better than others, in my opinion. There must be a method that can universally work for everyone. So far I see mindfulness meditation as the strongest contender. Anyone who commits to it for an extended about of time WILL see results in their thought patterns and concentration, therefore their success with LOA.

      It's like diet and exercise. Some fad diets and workout regimes work better for some but not others. But the "healthy eating and regular workout lifestyle" method never fails. 

    • Actually, I would beg to differ.

      Many overweight people pack back on the pounds again even after healthy eating and regular workouts because they never changed the way they saw themselves, which is again, faith/belief. In their case, believing that they are slim instead of overweight.

    • I'd say that people who change their eating habits over the course of a year and actually make an effort to live healthier are really unlikely to gain the weight back. I mean, I'm just making an analogy.
      In the end, we just want to achieve results.
    • I'm not saying results don't happen, I am saying they don't last in the long-term and it would be a tremendous struggle unless the person changes the way they see themselves - i.e. slim instead of fat.

  • Sal, while I agree that video evidence will definitely up the proof level many notches, some caveats need to be considered:

    1. Only video evidence will come close to being indisputable, in which case, if one wanted to remain anonymous, which most do, one has to make mosaics throughout the video, something which most are not inclined to do and don't know how to for that matter. When it comes to photos, one can always lay the charge of said photos having been photo-shopped, if one wanted to be really skeptical.

    2. Not every one who embarks on this journey are looking to achieve the same ends you are. You want to provide indisputable proof to everyone in this community, and inject more rigor into the whole undertaking and the like. Many don't have this kind of mindset - they are just interested in getting the results for themselves and not much beyond that. If they do provide a success story, it is just in passing and as a minor contribution to the community they received help from, not in order to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt in a rigorous, scientific manner that this stuff works.

    3. Many people don't have the technical know-how, interest, time, energy and/or effort to document the whole process in such a way that constitutes strong evidence for the reality of this phenomena. In other words, they didn't start out with the intent of establishing proof beyond dispute; they merely wanted to change their appearance for themselves. The majority of people don't possess engineer/scientist mentalities.

    Here's another piece of proof right up there with Joseph Pierce Farrell and Pete Cabrera:

    Notice that even though the actual nose lengthening happens in a different camera take, if you pause the video right at the start, you will notice that there's nothing in the gap between his hands, meaning that a prosthetic wasn't placed there from the start.

    This guy, even though he's a magician, does impossible things that cannot possibly be tricks if you watch his other videos. He even does them in performances that are broadcast live, so CGI is ruled out. And, in many instances, he alludes in Mandarin that he performs his feats simply by believing.

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