Success FINALLY!

I finally did it I am in my perfect body!

I am now Pale, Skinny, have the facial features I want and a thigh gap!

Before I had any success, I kept on thinking any technique I did was wrong.

So what I did was completely LET GO. 

I couldn't see the body, but I knew It was there and I don't haft to do anything else.

I acted the way I would if I had my desire.

And I avoided mirrors, and then I finally Started seeing my body.

I'm naturally a skeptical person so I didn't think this would work.

   Anyways before you can Manifest anything you haft to LOVE YOURSELF.

 Thank you all!

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  • What if we believe that it COULD work that way? 

  • "..I will still meditate and visualize, but I will still pursue my engineering degree and keep my intellectual thinking thank you very much :)"

    You dont understand what i put, i said that one can use intelectual thinking to this ilusory objective 3D reality, but  to make a miracle, you will have to use your subjective mind  and subjective tools, like faith.

    Proofs, physical action, cause and effect, intelectualism pertain to the objective thinking, to the 3D world, and they are fine, but to transcend blocks and physical laws, man made law, its your subjective mind that can do it, its faith, imagination, its not doing, its being passive (let go the past knowledge) to reach what is called the creator, that reside outside this word, outside of limitation, the real you ( argh, i know this sound religious, but is not)

    2+2=4 is absolutely correct right? nope, its correct logically, but the law the mind can change any law of the man ( its sound religious i know)

    Hope this make things more clear, some peoples take decades to understand it, but its not important, what matter is the practice.

  • They can create a safe enviroment, but this take time.

    Science is a creation, now  probably you will think i'm talking about the actions that man did to create it, but no, i'm talking that when a scientist make a hipothesis, he is not discovering a truth, but creating it.

  • I'm definitely expecting that but oh well

    • Isn't LOA all about changing your expectations? ;)
    • pretty much, but i've been here for almost 3 years, I know this community well enough to know once i put up proof, people are gonna say its not enough/not real

    • Let's take this back to simple terms...

      This is more than just a couple people having mixed results, and needing to experiment with different methods. The vast majority of people haven't achieved ANY tangible results with ANY method, and people who have claimed to don't offer proof. Do you think that is what all of this should be about? 

      Theory is nice and all, but the whole purpose of this forum is results...the one thing missing. 

      We should be sharing our happiness and success, people's reactions, how to adjust to life with a different appearance...

      I don't buy the "people don't post proof because people berate them" excuse. People get berated for not posting proof as well, even more so than if they posted proof. 

      If you're reading this and have been here for years and still haven't had any results, isn't it time for something to change? 
      I'd like people to stop defending something that isn't helping them (hoping, wishing, etc.)

      There is a way to change appearance out there with the mind that can work for a lot of people, I'm certain of that. We should be working to find out what that is. 

    • @Maya

      I haven't had any physical changes to report of, and I'm not gonna make shit up or delude myself. I've taken pretty good before photos and a video and I am still experimenting with methods - that's all I can do at this point. I want to help people if and only if I know the advice I'm giving is what I successfully used myself. And I absolutely will post after photos and videos for proof. Right now I'm promising before and after pics of my eye color and hands after I get results. 

      Obviously the proof I'm talking about is for face changes or non-sensitive body parts, for example. If you only wanted to change your boobs, well then I don't know. But if you have a facial feature or body part that changed drastically like jaw, eye color, height, etc. then photo or video proof would be really helpful for others. For every person berating them for faking the pic or vid, there would be 10 people whose faith has increased.  


      Yes there are alternatives like plastic surgery in S. Korea for example lol but that is prohibitively expensive for most and certain physical feature changes are currently impossible to change anyways, especially if we want extra specific results which plastic surgery cannot guarantee. That's where mind power comes in :)

    • Alright lemme go post pictures of my boobs on this forum now! I mean you said you wanted proof right? And if you are such a stickler for evidence, why don't YOU post any? You could start a whole post for putting pics up with your successes. Oh but you won't do that will ya? 

      I've had success with subliminals, visualizations, acting as if, meditation, etc. You can't just choose one and say that it'll work for everyone because that's not how this works. The mind is tricky and varies so much from person t person. I would love to see that Board you said you were making for actual proof. 

    • You're absolutely right but the majority here don't want to hear that.

      I don't care about the method I care about which method has a record of results. But they cannot provide any of them, they claim the know exactly how to do it but it doesn't change anything.

      Fortunately there are alternatives out there.

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