Success FINALLY!

I finally did it I am in my perfect body!

I am now Pale, Skinny, have the facial features I want and a thigh gap!

Before I had any success, I kept on thinking any technique I did was wrong.

So what I did was completely LET GO. 

I couldn't see the body, but I knew It was there and I don't haft to do anything else.

I acted the way I would if I had my desire.

And I avoided mirrors, and then I finally Started seeing my body.

I'm naturally a skeptical person so I didn't think this would work.

   Anyways before you can Manifest anything you haft to LOVE YOURSELF.

 Thank you all!

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  • if you want a more detailed post please reply to my comment so she knows

  • You are completely right. And there are a lot of very wise words in your post. I do hope more people read it because that's a very helpful post. Thank you very much  :)

  • @Maya

    Maya, you might want to quit trying to reason with these people, they will get it in time, I hope. Meanwhile, enjoy making actual results, while they enjoy their endless reasoning in a merry-go-around as they go nowhere. If you get distracted and deviated by people who do not yet get it, at the end of the day only you suffer, in that you go without your manifestations. Take heed what Jesus said, "If you want to enter the kingdom of God you must become like a child." Ever wondered why little kids are so comely, relaxing and adorable while adults aren't? The clue may be found in that sentence.

    The mind should be a servant and a tool, not your master. Follow your heart (spirit). The spirit knows all things at any given time, while the mind is limited. If you go solely by reasoning to decide on any matter, you can never make any decision properly; because, at any one time, you do not know all you need to know pertaining to the decision at hand. Use your mind, but let your heart be the arbiter on any matter. If someone, namely, God, knows all things and guides you in your heart, you don't have to know all things to head in the right direction. Jesus said with no qualification, "ALL things are possible to him who believes"; there are many other sources of information for reinforcement on this issue, but as far as I'm concerned that alone clinches it.

    They seem to want to call into question success stories posted here on the basis of them being without photo and/or video evidence for the most part, in that they lean towards such stories not being true in the absence of said evidence. But, as I explained in my other posts in this thread, said fact could very well be attributed to other possible reasons, so it's not necessarily the case these stories can be impugned for that reason. The bottom line, therefore, is, stories without evidence off course are not necessarily true, but, on the other hand, they are not necessarily false either; come to them with a 'take it or leave it' approach.

    In any case, such stories only serve to reinforce to a certain extent my belief in the possibility of altering appearance with belief, but they are not the main reasons why I do believe, which are Jesus' words on faith, the reality of physical faith healings which I have personally witnessed, personal friends in my acquaintance who actually did things like grow hair and lose weight by doing nothing but believing, my own little successes, the indisputable reality of the placebo effect, and the findings of quantum physics, among a number of others, but that's a whole nother story.

    As far as video proof goes, which is the only kind when it comes to proof of a recorded-evidence nature that's indisputable pretty much because photos can always be said to be photo-shopped, Joseph Pierce Farrell, Pete Cabrera, and Yif suffice for me personally. This is only talking on their terms - such proof, though certainly good, are not the prerequisite for me to believe such things are possible. So, even if none of the success stories here provide video proof, these people are not let off the hook even given that recorded-evidence-based proof is required for belief given the fact that those three pieces of proof, if nothing else, at least, exist.

  • Alright I get it :)

    Can I PM you? 

    • of course :)

  • @Sal

    I didn't mean plastic surgery, more a different approach than LOA.

  • Thank You Pandora !

  • The same old nonsense.

    The belief issue is just your backdoor. So you'll always claim "ahh well you didn't believe it enough" so it didn't work.

    Let's make it clear 99,99% percent of the peple will always have a little bit of doubt, cause it's normal.

    And people who can alter bodies say that belief issue is not such a big deal. That's weird isn't it ;-)

    It's quite strange that this LOA principle is around for decades and there is very few evidence out there that's it can alter your physical appearance.

    • I think you are the one that's uttering nonsense - balderdash.

      No one has stated that it's possible to not even doubt a little from time to time, but that if you do doubt, don't linger there - realize it's a normal part of the process, pick yourself up and move on and as you continue to do that, over time, the belief will get stronger and stronger until manifestations occur.

      Claiming the belief issue is a backdoor in no way negates the truth that belief precedes manifestation, and nothing else. It may very well be the case that when it doesn't work it was because belief wasn't present - make a better argument.

      Oh really? That's news to me. Could you give some references to people who claimed to have manifested and at the same time said belief wasn't important?

      "LOA principle is around for decades and there is very few evidence out there that's it can alter your physical appearance."

      LOA has been around not for decades but for 2000 years. It's just a fancy modern term for the concept of faith/belief, first taught by Jesus 2000 years ago, that certain people in our age have hijacked and re-branded and repackaged to make it more palatable to the masses.

      Even if it was true that there's few evidence that it can be used to alter physical appearance, said fact could very well be attributed to the below reason/s:

      1. Enhancing physical appearance has a sort of stigma associated with it, in that engaging in it would make one perceived to be vain and/or frivolous, so it stands to reason that for the most part appearance manifestations would not figure high up on most peoples' list of goals to achieve with LOA. Good looks, though wonderful, is not as crucial or important as things like good health, success and wealth, and good relationships, truth be told.

      2. The LOA concept is perceived by many scientists as part pseudo-science, not because it really is, but because of the unfounded materialist mindset and aversion to things that is even remotely spiritual that many scientists possess.

      3. Most things in life are not done in a rigorous, academic context. That doesn't mean they aren't true.

      4. People who do succeed in this endeavour are not likely to report it to any scientific establishment or the like, which in any case are likely to write them off right from the outset anyway even if they do. And most don't do it to establish proof/evidence of the reality of this phenomena, they just do it for themselves. Most also want to remain anonymous.

      5. Altering appearance, though good, might not be important enough to most people to warrant a rigorous, academic approach to establishing its reality. Besides, most want to take the path of least resistance. When plastic surgery is so widespread, the masses would likely think of saving up for it right away the moment the matter of enhancing appearance is broached.

      6. Lastly, it could very well be the case that the masses still cannot bring themselves to believe that such things are possible. When Roger Bannister ran the first 4-minute mile, it was deemed humanly impossible. Shortly after, many others came out of the woodwork and replicated the same feat. Why? Because someone demonstrated it, so it was now believed to be possible.

      I believe you may be jaded and frustrated because you are one of those who are unable to muster belief and instead of blaming yourself, impugn the mechanism; to which I have only one thing to say - come off your smugness and get over yourself.

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