Success FINALLY!

I finally did it I am in my perfect body!

I am now Pale, Skinny, have the facial features I want and a thigh gap!

Before I had any success, I kept on thinking any technique I did was wrong.

So what I did was completely LET GO. 

I couldn't see the body, but I knew It was there and I don't haft to do anything else.

I acted the way I would if I had my desire.

And I avoided mirrors, and then I finally Started seeing my body.

I'm naturally a skeptical person so I didn't think this would work.

   Anyways before you can Manifest anything you haft to LOVE YOURSELF.

 Thank you all!

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    • You've seen many pictures and videos of alien spacecrafts, do you believe in aliens? People have their reasons and it's totally understandable. I wouldn't post pictures either. Feya posted a high quality picture and everyone said it's fake. You have your proof, if this is not enough nothing will ever be.

    • A story without proof is not automatically fake, but it has a higher chance of being fake.
      How do we determine who is lying and who isn't?
      I don't need pictures to determine that the LOA can work to change appearance, but it's all about the right methods and someone posting that they did some visualization and now have the perfect body and face contributes exactly 0 help to this group.
      The problem is that you guys *want* to believe in these stories so you are so resistant to someone saying they could be false.
      I actually want people to achieve their results, so I'm gonna have to take a different approach.
      Wanting proof is not a pathology. It's literally the mindset that afforded us all modern technological luxuries and saved people from getting executed under mere speculation.
    • Sal, while I agree that video evidence will definitely up the proof level many notches, some caveats need to be considered:

      1. Only video evidence will come close to being indisputable. When it comes to photos, one can always lay the charge of said photos having been photo-shopped, if one wanted to be really skeptical.

      2. Not every one who embarks on this journey are looking to achieve the same ends you are. You want to provide indisputable proof to everyone in this community, and inject more rigor into the whole undertaking and the like. Many don't have this kind of mindset - they are just interested in getting the results for themselves and not much beyond that. If they do provide a success story, it is just in passing and as a minor contribution to the community they received help from, not in order to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt in a rigorous, scientific manner that this stuff works.

      3. Many people don't have the technical know-how, interest, time, energy and/or effort to document the whole process in such a way that constitutes strong evidence for the reality of this phenomena. In other words, they didn't start out with the intent of establishing proof beyond dispute; they merely wanted to change their appearance for themselves.

    • @Sal

      People who did things shared with us what they knew and what worked for them and after that they leaved. I think I'd do the same thing. Iris left cuz she knew that no matter how much explanation she give it won't make any difference if we don't find our way. There's some things you can't explain. It's in our heads, it's not a formula that you can write on a piece of paper. You can't fake belief and you can't explain a method of getting into some state. It's a personal road and maybe it's different for every one of us. We only know the major direction. This is my view. I don't believe in every one but I believe in Iris, Karma and Feya.

    • Ivan, you know what they say. "Quality over quantity." It's not about the amount of pictures or videos, it's the quality of the proof (i.e. consistent lighting, high resolution, closeup, same angle, difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional cosmetic treatments or surgery, etc.)
      I am working on a method of changing appearance and I hope to provide this level of proof so people understand.

      If the people posting success stories have moved on with their life, why do they come here in the first place?
      They can write a time consuming post and spend hours answering questions and explaining themselves, but fall short of providing picture or video proof. Odd. They are emboldened by an unquestioning atmosphere here on this group.
    • A story without proof is either true or not. It's 50/50. You don't find a reason why people don't post pictures and I don't find a reason why they should. Nobody will ever believe them anyway but even if someone do, it won't be because OF the pictures. Wanting proof is not a pathology but doubt is when it's never enough. I've seen pictures, you too. Why is not enough for you? How many pictures do you need?

    • The analogy doesn't work because despite all pictures and videos of UFOs, we are still not able interact with aliens. There's no "second step" after viewing them. OK, aliens might exist, so what? And for the record, I think it's highly likely we aren't alone in the universe.
      If someone posted pics and vids of their physical changes and gave instruction for how they manifested their results, it would become evident soon enough.

      I wasn't here for Feya, and she ended up removing her photos. So I can't judge.

      I'm not sure why people are so resistant to an alternative perspective. I'm here to become sexy AF. Not "feel good". I assume that's why everyone is here as well. That requires weeding out the real stories from the fake. Assuming that everyone is telling the truth is naivety.
    • A story without pics is not fake by default! We doubt in such extent it became a pathology. What I'm saying is pictures don't make much of a difference. I've seen enough of them and it DOESN'T. Your doubts will find some ridiculous way to dismiss it. If it's a height increase it will be the camera angle or the shoes or the bone pressure or the measurement. If it's a vanished scar will be the light or the quality. There is always something. And you sit there and wait for the next photo which again is not enough to make you a believer. As Iris said find your own way, after all it's in our hands to make things work, the group can only guide us. I am trying Iris's method now and even without seeing results I somehow feel a lot better.

      I saw Feya's photos and compared to JP Farrel's results, hers are remarkable. Many people saw it and most of them wanted more photos and other proofs. When I saw JP Farrel's pictures and videos the first thing that I had in mind was that it's fake. When I found his book and there was nothing about his method I doubted more.

  • Nah, Jahara is right, but if she want put pictures is her choice.

    Now, what i find interesting is... peoples already did put pictures here and this have not effect in others believing more, for example, i think that you saw a video of youtube showing a christian guy making a leg grow, so, after one see something like that, the logic looks simple, you  start believing right? I know the answer.

  • When you get your results, you will understand why this.

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