Success overnight!

So I am really happy right now because, I have always wanted to have olive skin tone. 
And last night I was googling "olive skin" and looking at pictures. Then before I went to sleep I visualized myself having that skin tone, just for fun. 

So , this morning when I went to the bathroom I didn't really look in the mirror for a long time just did the usual stuff and then when I came out of the shower I looked really well in the mirror and my skin looked lot darker and really glowy. 

I was really freaked out because I couldn't believe that it could be done in that amount of time ..^_^... I am extremely happy right now. 

Hope this inspires you guys and gives you more hope about changing whatever it is that you want to change. 

1st picture is what my skin tone looked like before 

and the 2nd picture is what it looks like now 


Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.jpg

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  • Relax guys, I'm sure she didn't want to post her own pictures for the sake of privacy. So she probably pulled up a few pictures from google that are similar to the results she got.

  • Take it easy, she probably didn't want to show her face so she put up pictures of other people that represented her skin tone before and after.

    • Thank you Anna!

      I don't want to post pictures of myself here, i just don't feel comfortable. 

      And, NO I am not lying. 

      Seriously, every time I post something here about changing my physical appearance I get negative feedback.

    • Sorry about that Nina. Just make sure you tell us that next time.
    • Yeah, it was quite obvious that they were from Google, lol. :P I didn't fret because a girl on a different forum about changing her eye color did the same: she uploaded pictures of two different people's eyes to provide an example of how her eye color changed.

    • Exactly. You go sweetheart! I'm so glad you had such a quick change of appearance. And I wouldn't be very comfortable posting pictures of change myself, so I quite get where you're coming from.

      As for the comments, I'm sure no one meant to be mean. Every post is reflective of the poster's state of mind, not yours :)
      It's natural to get a bit frustrated and I guess they were looking forward to seeing them as a sort of inspiration... Then got suddenly disappointed that the pictures weren't of you.

      But even so, it's such amazing news. I love how you said you did it just for fun. That's the key! To enjoy the whole process of becoming even more beautiful day by day :)

    • Thank you so much for the support Goldleaf! <3 

    • I'm sorry, Nina....

    • It's okay, I guess what I said was misunderstood by some people.. 

      it happens. 

  • I'm sorry but it's evident that the pics are fake. What would you gain by doing this?

This reply was deleted.