Success Story: Friend Changed Eye Color

Hello everyone! Since I've been seeing so many doubtful comments, I wanted to post something positive. I would like to add that there are so many different ways to manifest anything, including physical appearance and keep in mind that we do it all the time with weight loss; we reshape our bodies like almost every single day just that body change, as compared to face change, is more acceptable and people even make a profit from it (gym owners, personal trainers, diet books,..). The biggest message that I would like to give to you all is that our barriers to manifesting such changes is the lack of self-love and self-worth. I keep hearing so much of it such as "I hate my height", " I hate my eye color", "I hate my face", and so on. That is absolutely not healthy! Underneath it all, it is a cry for self love since if we were taller, skinnier, different THEN would we be worthy of our love. I think a great book about love is called SOUL LOVE BY SANAYA ROMAN. Love is the highest frequency and therefore the fastest way to manifest things. Love is appreciation, love is acceptance, love is living. Appreciate ANYTHING about yourself (your ability to be kind, maybe your hair is good, your dedication) and say "I accept and forgive myself". There are so many things out there that cover this, so I encourage you to look into this.

Now about my friend's story: my friend, who knows nothing about Law of Attraction, told me one day that she changed her eye color from blue to green. NOT because she hated her blue eyes (there was no heavy emotional baggage), but because she LOVED the color green. She said that all she did was picture her eyes green for a little bit and she completely believed it, and yeah she has green eyes now. She never struggled, she said it was easy, and she did all of this without law of attraction rules. The key was her love for the color green and she is also a very creative, visual person so I feel like visualization was just perfect for her. AND she carried no emotional baggage.

That's another point that I would like to make, everyone has different ways of manifesting. Her way worked with visualization but because she is an absolutely visual, daydreamer kind of type. You might do well with cell talk, act as if, and so on, just figure out the best way that feels comfortable to you. But something that I can guarantee you is that love will always be on your side and love will help you get to your goal (any goal!) :) Love is an energy and comes to you when called upon. Again, I highly recommend the book above and I also recommend Living on Love: The Messenger by Klaus Joehle (it used to be free so I'm sure there's a free pdf form out there).

As for me, I have my own success story with using the principle of love so I'll save that for another time :)

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  • Nobody cares if you believe or not. Nobody made this group for 'Star Light'. So if you don't believe, who cares? Sorry, but I'm sick & tired of people asking for proof and etc.
  • I'll be sure to do that. Thank you so much for the advice.. What do you mean by the vibrational level? 

  • This is such a great post.

    Thank you for sharing :) x

  • This helped me realize something. For the longest time. I have hated my face. People were always telling me how ugly my face was, so in time, I believed them and felt that I was hideous. I tried to change it over the course of a year, along with my hair color, with visualization and constant, near obsessive affirmations only to have no results. But it makes sense now as to why I couldn't change anything. I hated what I was trying to change instead of accepting it and loving it as it was. I feel more comfortable with my current face and hair color now, but I still have moments where I cannot stand to look in the mirror. Can you offer any advice for gaining greater love and acceptance for my face and hair color as they are? Thanks.


  • JESS!! So sorry for the delay! I couldnt get access to my WIFI over the weekend! Thank you so so much for your reply! So basically you loved yourself and then went to peace and then started to do affirmations and cell talking.. I have recently discovered how important feeling is in all this! I was believing and full of faith but I felt crappy about other things in my life and thought I could still manifest... errr WRONG!! It is so much easier to feel amazing about everything and at peace and full of faith! Then the miracles come! Are you attempting to change anything at the moment Jess... keep us up to date! you are such an inspiration! :D

  • Brown eyes are nice, too :)

  • Nice story, I like green and blue eyes ;) Not that I want to change eye color, but I would like my future wife to have :)

  • I recently discovered all of this. For the longest time I've been in the wrong loop like I tried so many things and nothing worked but because I did it without feeling. Affirmations without feeling, gratitude without feeling, and I felt empty. It was through all of that pain that I learned what was missing. SO I've recently discovered these lessons, but so far I can tell you that I've lost weight, changed my nose (in the weirdest way like I didn't intend to do it), cleared my skin (I think this was the easiest), and right now I'm working on slimming down my face. I used to want to change other things but I ended up loving those flaws instead (like my cute little moles). I can tell you that every time I do it (like focus on loving myself), I feel ecstatic. Like it's one of the best feelings ever. Later on, I want to post all of this in greater detail. 

    • PS was the nose change good though... how did you do this...

    • Oh and the nose change was not bad. All I did was I pretended that it was different at first and then it did start to change and so I started telling my family about it and they noticed as well and that made the change faster, and I just kept repeating it. Basically, it was my nostrils that changed, they got smaller. I always felt like I was in a state of "awe", and it's not like I hated my nose so I felt like that caused the manifestation. But the nose change wasn't one of my goals which is why I mean it wasn't intentional and I thought it was weird because it was so easy; I was so detached to the result that I was amazed when it happened.

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