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Hi everyone! My name is Thaís and I'm here to tell you my storie. Sorry about my english, I'm from brazil. Anyway, A few weeks ago I was thinking about changing some aspects about my body. Don't get me wrong. I love who I am. But I think I could do it better and it would make me happier. So I read some discussions here and found the repost of Natali about physical changes and gave it a try. An YES! IT WORKED! As I sad, I'm from brazil, and I'm really thin, so I'd like to have  thick toned thighs. I tried every single way and I never get it. So, I gave a try to law of attraction. I tried to imagine me with my dream body. Every day, every hour, every minute. I replaced my old body to my new dream body. And in a few days I began to see some changes. And two weeks later I looked at the mirror and saw my perfect dreamed body. I was sooo happy! I cried tears of joy. And now I'm using it to change my face structure. And again I'm seeing some changes with a few days. So guys, give it a try. Really believe it's real, believe in your potential, believe in your body and believe in the universe. Don't be impatient! Believe and it will come. I hope it help you guys. And again, sorry about my english.

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  • Lovely story! So if I'm right, you have replaced your body imagine (in your mind) with the body you wanted (AND YOU HAVE IT NOW IN REAL LIFE :D) and you imagined yourself like that all the time? Once again, a very uplifting story!
  • Tatá, também sou do Brasil. Será que poderíamos conversar via e-mail ou face ?

  • i find this so interesting how beauty is so different in different cultures! all about perception i guess :) 

  • I dont want to be bulky like a panicat. lol But here in brazil we prefer thick legs.  hahaha 

  • At first I avoided mirrors. It was difficult to keep the good thoughts. But then it became easier. About letting go. I'm not really good about it. lol But the letting go thing is BELIEVE! You have to forget anxiety, hopelessness, doubt that will not happen. Just believe. Do not worry. Have complete faith in the universe and give thanks. Letting go is not to forget or not think about your desire. Is let go of all fear. Understand? And I forced myself to always think about my new body. Every time my old body came in mind, I forced myself to forget that and think only of the new body.

  • I used to have many negative thoughts. I was beautiful and recieved a lot of compliments, but I didn't like the old me. It all started when I began to love myself. I began to see the beauty in myself. That's the most important thing. Love yourself, fell beautiful, find your own beauty, don't matter what people think/talk. Just feel beautiful and believe. I imagined my new body and had negative thoughts, and nothing changed. It's complicated. You have to love yourself but you don't have to see your old body anymore. When you think about it, don't give much importance. But if you do, just send a lot of love and trust your body is energy and you can change whatever you want. Soon it will come true. Believe your body is already changing. You just can't see it yet. But, if you have negative thoughts, avoid mirrors for a while. Ok? You will only see some results when you love YOURSELF. Then start to see your new body and everything will be ok. It's complicated to explain. But, just send a lot of love for the person you are. Don't focus on your body only. Love YOURSELF fully. And think about what you want. Ok? 

    • This helps SO much. Thank you for this comment!

    • Thanks for this post.... I really need to love myself first.....
  • Congratulations Tata Gomes.

  • Simmmmm, in brasil ladies are vehy thick. They workout lot. And they build leg mucle. Some of them look relly bulky not vehy femine
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