Success with hair colour

I used to have chestnut hair. A week ago my sister asked if I had coloured my hair.  I said no that I had coloured it several months ago and that colour was already gone. I forgot about it but few days ago, when I was at my hairdresser, she said that my hair has gotten a lot darker. Today I pulled out one of my hair strands (hope that's the right word for it) and saw that it really was very very dark. I couldn't make out if it was already black (the color I'm manifesting) or just extremely dark brown, it didn't have that red undertone that chestnut or dark chestnut hair has. My hair usually grows about 2cm a month and it looked like it had been growing for about 2-3 months. All of my hair hasn't changed color yet but the most have, the ones that are closer to my forehead are still the same color but I know that in time they will change too.

Anyway I hope that this gives inspiration to you all. :)

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  • i did visualisation for 2 weeks 2 months ago and i stopped the process because i was busy and i fed up, but we must continue to have the best results

  • Of course you can. If you can visualize it then you can have it. :)

    • Thanks. Shall try it and let you know.

    • Good luck to you! :)

  • Wow, that's amazing. Congrats. Can we turn white hair to black too?

  • Thank you and congratulations to you too. :)

  • My process isn't any different than any other success story. I just believed that I already have it and gave love to my beautiful black hair like it's already here. And then either forgot about it or felt the feeling of completion and perfection. You should read Guiding Ray's (Shipra's) posts and success stories. I have realized that all the answers are in success stories (to me they were very helpful and made many realizations thanks to them). :)

    • Thank you :)

  • Hi Lavisa,

    Can you tell me how you did it ??

    Thank you :)

  • congrateees! me too i think that my hair is lighter because my family noticed that my hair is glossy brown, i tried to make it dark blond but i stopped the process and now i notice that it's a bit lighter

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