Supernatural Beauty Experiment

Supernatural Beauty Experiment

Currently editing, please excuse any weird parts!
I'd like to record a personal experiment with a subliminal video titled:
Supernatural Beauty & Charm. It has audio and visual affirmations.
So far, I have been listening to this video multiple times a day for about four months.
This experiment began July 19th and is continuing.
I will continue this experiment for many, many months to come.

Information about Subliminals

To learn more about subliminals, I suggest you download Black Sheep's informative ebook:
A Brief Guide to Subliminal Messages

Experiment Update

(November 20th)
I now mainly listen to:
jamz subliminals' Supernatural Beauty & Charm
Supernatural Beauty & Charm Subliminal 2

Sic Cnt's beautiful woman subliminal
Museful Soul's Beautiful Goddess, Sensual Goddess, Magical Goddess


(Most recent update: November 20th)
A brief summary of my personal results so far:

I have noticed changes in my self perception (greatly enhanced and positive).

Increase of general well-being and boosted emotions (especially when listening).

A sense of achievement and excitement.

I have received gifts of clothing which have been well-suiting.

I have received genuine and pleasing comments (frequently).

My confidence has developed.

My appreciation for my body has developed.

My physical body itself has exhibited changes.
(One example: healed a scar that had existed for years without change.)

This is an experiment I participate in for fun, and I also feel it has been extremely worthwhile!

Main Subliminals

Unisex (male and female)



You're Invited!
I invite anyone and everyone to join! Let's have a fun time with this!
There are lots of positive results and developments so far, thank you everyone for joining in!
It's so much fun to have your generous participation here! I wish everyone extraordinary success!

Extra Subliminals
You can watch multiple subliminal videos a day.

Here's my current selection of subliminals which compliment this experiment:

Subliminal, Affirmation & Binaural Enhancer (Subliminal)
No More Facial Or Body Hair

Straight white teeth

The (first) main video in this experiment is:

Supernatural Beauty & Charm.
(Click here for endless repeat)

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  • Always nice to hear sucess, I hope good things continue to go well, keep it up, apparently anything is tough to be consistent with at start
  • Its good not to obsess just wait for a few days and keep believing for good results, good luck Fifi! 

  • I just listened to it last night. Didn't feel too great about my appearance today, but I didn't obsess as much about my bone structure. I'm hoping this experiment will help me obsess less about small details.
  • I have an idea for you, but I'm not sure what the others think?

    Being that it's subliminal, while yes it would be good to visualize too, I wonder what if you play a computer game muted and listen to the subliminal in the background, or something like that?  I don't know if that way is effective or not but it's just a thought --- OR!!? What IF you did that way for a bit and THEN after your brain has heard this for a while, you switch to adding visualization too?  Holy Moley I might be ONTO something here - or not?! 

    Not sure about the earphones.

  • same i got some really good results from these videos even the you tube comments are good

    • Celeste what kind of results did you get? 

    • bigger eyes, my skin looked more smooth and clearer, my eye lashes looked longer, I became more confident

    • Hi Celeste Did you get specific changes or was it that it made you feel better about your appearance? :)

    • I listened to this during the day or when i was sleeping i also used a subliminal booster. Yes I did feel better about my appearance, a few days after listening to this I noticed when people walked past me they would stare, one guy even did a double take lol. I think the specific changes i saw were my eyes, they were bigger. My skin also looked much better, overall I looked prettier.

  • bumping this forum because it's done wonders for me and i've seen some people talking about subliminal messages

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