Supernatural Beauty Experiment

Supernatural Beauty Experiment

Currently editing, please excuse any weird parts!
I'd like to record a personal experiment with a subliminal video titled:
Supernatural Beauty & Charm. It has audio and visual affirmations.
So far, I have been listening to this video multiple times a day for about four months.
This experiment began July 19th and is continuing.
I will continue this experiment for many, many months to come.

Information about Subliminals

To learn more about subliminals, I suggest you download Black Sheep's informative ebook:
A Brief Guide to Subliminal Messages

Experiment Update

(November 20th)
I now mainly listen to:
jamz subliminals' Supernatural Beauty & Charm
Supernatural Beauty & Charm Subliminal 2

Sic Cnt's beautiful woman subliminal
Museful Soul's Beautiful Goddess, Sensual Goddess, Magical Goddess


(Most recent update: November 20th)
A brief summary of my personal results so far:

I have noticed changes in my self perception (greatly enhanced and positive).

Increase of general well-being and boosted emotions (especially when listening).

A sense of achievement and excitement.

I have received gifts of clothing which have been well-suiting.

I have received genuine and pleasing comments (frequently).

My confidence has developed.

My appreciation for my body has developed.

My physical body itself has exhibited changes.
(One example: healed a scar that had existed for years without change.)

This is an experiment I participate in for fun, and I also feel it has been extremely worthwhile!

Main Subliminals

Unisex (male and female)



You're Invited!
I invite anyone and everyone to join! Let's have a fun time with this!
There are lots of positive results and developments so far, thank you everyone for joining in!
It's so much fun to have your generous participation here! I wish everyone extraordinary success!

Extra Subliminals
You can watch multiple subliminal videos a day.

Here's my current selection of subliminals which compliment this experiment:

Subliminal, Affirmation & Binaural Enhancer (Subliminal)
No More Facial Or Body Hair

Straight white teeth

The (first) main video in this experiment is:

Supernatural Beauty & Charm.
(Click here for endless repeat)

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  • What is the affirmation?
  • Congratulations on your cheekbones!

    I am really sorry I have not really been part of the experiment so far I have been struggling with consistency .... So I am starting all over again. I will focus on supernatural beauty video (jaymz), the straight white teeth video (sic cnt), the super massive muscles growth video and the growing taller video (both from AscensionArchangel). I will try to stick to that programm and will check on my first results in 30 days.

    Just out of curiosity, do you always watch the videos that contain visual affirmations too? I was doing that but watching them too instead of just listening is really time consuming hence my first discouragement. But I was feeling guilty just listening ...

    Anyway thanks and good luck to everyone who takes part in the experiment!
  • Awesome! Thank you everyone :) I like the change! Interesting!

    Flower girl, I hope things are settled now and you can find the time to continue! I wish you every success :)

    Julie, I'm glad it's inspired you to continue! :) It's different for everyone I guess, for some people it can take months! I'm not very confident in my knowledge of subliminals, but I'm sure a low mood can influence the rate at which you process the messages and manifest changes, as you said yourself, it's certainly made you cast doubts on the process. I'll try to do more updates, they really help to keep people involved :) Good luck!

  • Alexa your comment was so well timed. I've had some stuff going on lately and my whole mood has been low. Ive been listening but thought to myself .... Can this actually change my physical appearance in a real way. Didn't think it was possible but when I read your comment something said yes it is! I am carrying on for sure and will keep you guys up to date when any changes been listening now since the 27th of last month. Any more updates anyone? They really do mean a lot! And the keep the momentum of the thread going
  • Ive got to start again as i went Through a few things and stopped listening :(   will start today although i still have held what i want in my mind.

  • i've noticed this too! my brother actually said to me- "you have cheekbones" in total shock haha.

    i simply told him him i've always had them, he just never noticed :) 

    maybe it's just that. we've always had what we wanted- we just never acknowledge them. we should start doing that!

  • Hey Alexa yeah I noticed it too. I already have pronounced cheekbone but now that and the jaw kind of getting sharper
  • Hey, guys! I was curious, has anyone noticed their cheekbones becoming more pronounced since starting this? I certainly have, although it's not something I was actively trying to manifest. I wonder if there's an affirmation in Sic Cnt's video that incurs this? :)

  • Rise, i would love to try it too. :)

  • do you think you can share?

This reply was deleted.